Jerry Cherry "Take Your Pictures Down" July 15th 19'

Jerry Cherry "Remember my Love" May 26th 19'

Jerry Cherry "Models on Bikes" May 1st 19'

Jerry Cherry "Jacquie" Jan 27th 19'

Jerry Cherry "Backward" demo Dec 23th. 17'

Jerry Cherry "Down to the Wire" demo April 14th. 17'

Jerry Cherry "Married to Myself" demo November 24th. 16'

Jerry Cherry "Top 80's guitar solo's" October 7th, 14'

Chubby Checker NBC Today Show "Changes" July 5th, 13'

Jerry Cherry Guitar Player Promo December 8th. 11'

Van Halen's "Eruption" w/ Rubix Kube June 23rd, 11'

"Turned Around" Live The Daily Buzz May 26th, 09'

"Freakshow" Video Directed by Josh Franer December 10th 08'


"Worst Looking Man" Live Spike Hill Brooklyn, Oct 29th, 08'

"Vampires" Live Spike Hill Brooklyn NY Oct 29th, 08'

"Turned Around" Live Spike Hill Brooklyn NY Oct 29th, 08'

"Vampires" Live Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, Oct 6th, 08'

Chubby Checker NBC Today Show Show "The Twist" September 18th, 08'

J&R Music w/ Chubby Checker, NYC, Aug 19, 08'

Chubby Checker CBS Morning Show "Knock Down the Walls" July 18th, 08'

"The Rules" The Scene at The Delancey, NYC, May 20th, 08'

"Lost" Live The National Underground, NYC, May 19th, 08'

"Wrecking Ball" Don Hill's, NYC, April 11th, 08'

"Fit In" The Annex, NYC, February 25th, 08'

"Major Tom" The Scene, The Delancey, NYC, Jan 8th, 08'

"Turned Around" Washington Square Park, Oct, 5th,07'