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Austin Tonight

May 7th, 2009

May 07, 2009

Jerry Cherry's Latest Tour Letter ... Austin Tonight

Greetings from the road ...

Hitting the road for two weeks, pack light, or pack too much? Either way, it's a heavy load. Playing guitar with Chubby Checker, all I usually need is my clothes, my Gibson SG, and a whole lot of energy. "This ainít no jazz cruise," thatís for sure. There was one more thing I had to bring on the tour that I donít usually bring. That would be my acoustic guitar. I am very excited to be opening the show in Austin tonight with an acoustic set of my music. After that, I will hit the stage again for an electrifying set playing guitar with The Chub. How kick ass is that?

Chubby and Cherry 2

So far the tour has been going great. From PA, we hit Choctaw, Mississippi. Then it was down to Epcot center for nine 30-minute shows in 3 days. Then a 27-hour drive straight through on the Checkerlicious bus that led us to Branson, Missouri, and then on to Louisiana for another show.

Then itís off to Austin, Texas. It was only a few weeks ago when I rocked SXSW.  I'm expecting many new friends and fans that we met the last time we were there to join us again for this show at Threadgill's. I am so excited and looking forward to a great show. It has been crawfish, mickey bars, family, friends, and thousands of fans. Who knows what to expect.

You can see my next NYC show on June 4th at 8pm at the Annex in the Lower East Side (sharing the bill with Trouble and Strife, Dynasty Electric and Zigmat.)  I'm also working on a putting together a show sooner than The Annex show at Googies lounge, Rock Robining with the great Jeremiah Burnbaum. Check out for more info.