I hope that your spring is treating you great. I have good news. I have a new song recorded. It’s part of my home studio recording demo sessions. This is the second song I’m releasing after the first one “Married to Myself.” The idea is to put out these demo’s, and see what tunes get the best reaction. This new recording is of the song “Down to the Wire."

Actually, it’s an old song. It was written when I was a teenager with my band “No Reazen.” The band concisted of Me, Ronnie Oakes, Carl Bailey, Mike Verrico, and John Pierre Rammond aka Slyde Rayon. I was 14 years old when I meet fellow guitarist Carl Bailey who was 17. He was, and still is a great guitar player. It was only a few years after I met him that he would write this terrific guitar riff. I also have to give credit to Carl for the first part off the first guitar solo. He played such a great lead that I pretty much copied it for the recording. Why would I want to have anything different? What he originally did was perfect.

Enjoy the song “Down to the Wire.” Its a very special song. Play it, enjoy it, and share it with friends, and family.