I hope that your holiday season is going great. I have a gift for you. Its a new recording of a song that I wrote back in 2002, or 2003. This song is called Backward. It was always, and still is very important to me. I have to credit my mother for the inspiration for the song. She once said to me "you cant go forward if your looking backward." I knew right there that those words were a song in the making. I did record the original demo of this song shorty after I wrote it. About a year later, I left Florida to head back to New York where I was born. Many singer / songwriters come to NY with a song in there heart. For me I would have to say that this was mine. The meaning of this song I believe is timeless. I recorded, and mixed this song in my home studio. I played all the guitars, bass, and I programmed the drums. I also sang the lead, and background vox. The song was mastered by Chris Collier, who also mastered my last recording Down to the wire. Before that, my song Married to myself was mastered by Mike Rogers. My recording, and mixing only goes so far. Without their mastering skills, and advice, these recordings would not sound as good as they do in my humble opinion. Please listen to the other two songs mentioned as well as Backward on Youtube. Please feel free to give me some feedback on what you think of the songs. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays. I wish you a heathy, happy, and prosperous 2018