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need fluff and hype to cover a weakness.
How does Jerry Cherry develop the songs you have?

JJG: Although I am the primary lyricist and songwriter, this really is a collaborative effort. Ronnie has worked closely with me in structuring the material and has had some input in regards to a bit of the lyrics. Vewiser’s foundation and slick funk bass finishes the picture. These guys make my vision happen!

Trash: They definitely shine in your live show! What do you think is most important when you perform?

JJG: Passion. If you deliver that, people see it. They can tell we aren’t “weekend warriors” or part-timers. I’d like to feel as though every time we play we “leave it all on stage” that we “play like there is no tomorrow”. We are giving our audience a fantasy, one that centers on our sound, our songs. It’s a larger than life thing!

Trash: Describe your live show for those who haven’t had a chance to see you yet…

JJG: I see our live show as an “episode”. It kinda reminds me of a cartoon, an animated adventure. We try to mix it up making each show different from the others. We’re here to cause a stir, and we intend to do it with a look that no-one goes for in rock and roll.

Trash: What do you have recorded and what are your future plans to record?

JJG: We recorded our first CD at Fun House Studios in Jan/Feb 2003 and would like to thank Brian Fitzpatrick and Mark for all their help! Also we’ll be back recording some new material at our own JC Studios in Ft. Lauderdale in the near future. Fans can check our website for updates on any new releases.

Trash: Where can people catch the band playing live?

JJG: We’ll be playing at the Surf Café in Boca
Raton on August 1st and at Broadway Bar & Billiards August 7th. We’ll also be posting our live dates on our website, so be sure to log on for more info!

Bassist Vewsier offered the following about his band, “I like playing in Jerry Cherry because it’s simply great music. It translates well acoustically, it’s from the gut!”

Come down and see what he’s talking about at one of their live shows, you won’t be disappointed!

Formerly known as HEAD, the 3-piece Ft. Lauderdale band JERRY CHERRY is the result of the collaborative effort of Jerry James Giamundo, (guitar/vocals), Ronnie Oaks (drums), and Vewiser David Taylor, (bass). The band’s back to basics, no nonsense approach to rock and roll is sprinkled with flavors of folk, blues and 70s Britpop and is as contagious as their stage presence.
Of course, nothing less could be expected from this band, since all three members are seasoned pro’s hailing from the likes of such bands as the Nocturnals, No Reazen, Ravyn and the End. In a recent interview, frontman Jerry Giamundo gave us the lowdown about the band and what’s in store for them.

Trash: Welcome to RAG Jerry! Nice Suit!

JJG: Thanks! It’s a statement! Our aim is similar to minimalist art. The suits represent the clash of Corporate America with Individualism. Obviously, music and art in its purest, rawest sense embraces the creator; the individual, while Corporate America seeks to mass-produce and glorify the “brand”. Our colors are red and black, which are reflected in the suits, and the device is designed to shift the focus away from any fluff and put it back where it belongs, on our music!

Trash: Cool! It seems to work well for you guys, the songwriting and performance is definitely strong enough where you don’t

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