Ladies and Gentlemen,,CD Release

I have great news. My new record is finally finished. It's called “Married To Myself.” It’s such a good feeling to complete this record that has been so important for me to make. I want to thank all of you for following me through this whole process. Without your feedback on the songs, and your inspiration I couldn't have done it. This record took me over 3 years to make. I put my heart and soul into it, and sacrificed everything to complete it. My last record “Life Is Sweeter” was made 11 years ago. Many of you were here when that was released. I really needed to put out new music for me, and for you. Enter “Married To Myself.” To sum it up thats what it has been. A marriage between myself and this record. Now I want a divorce. Haha. This process has been so fulfilling that it is now my goal to put out an album every year from this point on. Thank you for sticking with me. I really hope that you enjoy this new album for years to come.

What started out as a test to see to see what song or two I would record in a major studio changed into a 4 or 5 song home studio EP. That eventually changed when a wave of inspiration rolled in and turned this project into a 9 song full album. Most of the songs are very new. There are a few old ones that I knew needed to be recorded. The oldest song being “Down To The Wire” which was written when I was 17 years old with my first band No Reazen. The Song “Backward” was written in 2002. “Vampires” was recorded in 2008, and “Models on Bikes” was written in 2010.

I made a CD that I’m very proud of, and the concept really came out just as planned. The idea of me standing on a wedding cake as a cake topper by myself with my guitar really came together beautifully. I couldn’t have made it happen without Scott Spooner, and Marcela Aguero. I hope that you have a CD player because I believe that its still the second best way to listen to music. I made something that you can actually hold in your hand, look at, collect, and have forever. The digital streaming world is great and it is what’s happening now but you can't hold an MP3 in your hands. Having said that I am very happy to also be on digital platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and all of the others. Please go to my updated jerrycherry.com to easily access all of those sites and to purchase the full physical CD.

While you’re at my site please sign up to my email list. I would really appreciate it. It's basically a monthly love letter similar to this one. Lastly, please subscribe to Jerry Cherry on Youtube. I’m really going to be making a lot of content there in the upcoming months. I would love for you to be a part of it.

Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope that 2019 was a good year. For me personally it was quite an important one. Let's look forward to having 2020 vision next year. God bless, and see you soon.

Much Love,



Hello Cherries,

I’m very happy to announce that I have a new song that I just finished recording. It’s called “Miracle.” I hope that you really enjoy it. I worked very hard on this for the past month and a half. This song actually came to be from the words that I wrote in a journal every day from April 16th through July 16 of this year. As a matter of fact my last two songs “ Remember My Love,” and “Take Your Pictures Down” were written, and recorded while writing this journal. Have a listen to those songs as well in the video section. Starting to sense a little Star Wars type prequel here? Haha. It was a challenge that I made for myself to write a song from this journal, and I did it. Its a very simple song. There’s not much going on as far as instruments go. The hard work was really the lyrics, and the vocals. I wanted to keep the music simple highlighting what I felt was important being the vocals, and words. Once again I played everything on the song. I also engineered, and mixed it. The song was mastered by Mark Dann. This is the 8th, and final song that I’m recording, for now at least. I have been working on this studio project since the summer of 2016 so needless to say It’s time to start venturing off into different areas outside of the studio. I was actually only going to record 5 songs. Then a wave of inspiration came over me, and I had no choice then to write, and record three more.

Whether you’ve been receiving my emails for years, or if this is your first one, i’t means so much to me that your interested in what I do, and the music that I make. I look forward to sharing my next endeavor with you in the very near future. Keep moving forward, enjoy your life, and believe in yourself. Do what you were put on this planet to do whatever it is, and you will do great things God willing.

Much Love,




Hello Cherries,

I hope that your beating the heat this summer. Great news! I have a brand new song. Its called “Take your pictures down”. It was definitely the fasted song that I’ve written, and recorded in just over a month. Its amazing what you can accomplish when your give yourself a deadline. Yes I could’ve kept going. I left a few notes in my head, and not on tape “Hard Drive.” Haha. But it is what it is, and I’m very happy with the outcome. I’ve been able to release 3 new songs in the last 3 months which I attribute to being in a very creative state lately, and taking full advantage of it. Please have a listen to “TYPD”. I hope that you get something from it. I put all of my heart and soul into it so please enjoy, and share it with your friends, and family. Once again I played everything on the song, and mixed it. It was mastered by Mark Dann.

On the live performance front I was invited to play at an event called “Songs on Cortelyou - live at Bar Chord. Its a public event put on by one of my good friends Scott Stein. He’s as badd ass as it gets on the keyboard, and a great songwriter. It will be Scott Stein, Kyle Lacy, Sarah Wise, and myself sharing the stage. We’ll play are own songs while we all back up each other. The show is on Monday, July 29th from 9 - midnight, 21+, no cover (but please tip and buy CD’s!) Yo it’s Brooklyn. Fuggetabouit.

Stay cool, be possitve, and be a good fucking human being.

Much love,



Hello Cherries,

I imagine that your enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. I have a new song called “Remember my Love.” I just finished recording it. Its a simple song with just acoustic guitar, and vocals. It wasn’t my intention for it to be this stripped-down. Time restraints had a lot to do with it. Maybe someday I’ll go back and do it up a little more. In the mean time please enjoy this recording. Its a very personal song with a tremendous amount of meaning for me. I hope you can relate. I want to give my respect to every soldier, and veteran. Thank you for your service. Be great, enjoy the spring, and always put a cherry on top.

Much Love,



Hello Cherries,

I have some good news. I just finished recording my song ”Models on Bikes." I wrote this song quite a while ago, and I have to say that since then a spring hasn't approached that didn't make me think of this song, and want to record it. Well, I finally did. "Like to hear it? Here it goes!"

I recorded “Models on Bikes” in my home recording studio. I found myself working at a “feverish pitch” completing this song much faster than my previous. Once again I played all the instruments on the song including guitar, bass, vox, backup vox, and I programmed the drums. I also engineered the recording, and mixed it. It was mastered by Chris Collier who once again did a fantastic job. I have to give credit to my very talented friend Matt Basile for the bass line. Its a good one. I will have more of a collaborative effort for future recordings but this is just the way it is for now.

Please enjoy listening to this song as well as the others on my youtube channel. As much fun as it is to write, and record I’ve really missed performing my own music live. Expect a show soon with a full band playing all my latest tunes, and some new ones. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel, like, and leave a message in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you. Also, please like my band page on Facebook for all things Cherry.

Stay sweet,




Hello Cherries,

I am so happy to announce that I have a brand new song that I just finished recording. Its called “Jacquie.” It was recorded and mixed at my home studio in Brooklyn, NY. I played all of the instruments on the song- guitars, bass, vocals, and I programmed the drums. I also mixed the song using Protools software with the Universal Audio interface. I spent many hours tweaking the song trying to get the best possible mix. I think it came out great, and I hope you do too. Thank you to Chris Collier for thr excelent mastering job. Please have a listen. Share it with your friends and family. While you’re at it, have a listen to my last three recordings: “Backwards,” “Down to the Wire,” “and Married to Myself.” All of them are on my Youtube channel. I would love to hear your thoughts about the songs. Which is your favorite? Do you notice the recording quality getting better? Do you want to win a dream date with Jerry Cherry? Haha just kidding. Leave your thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you.

Please Like me on Facebook, and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Rock on all you wonderful people.

Much love and success in ’19.




I hope that your holiday season is going great. I have a gift for you. Its a new recording of a song that I wrote back in 2002, or 2003. This song is called Backward. It was always, and still is very important to me. I have to credit my mother for the inspiration for the song. She once said to me "you cant go forward if your looking backward." I knew right there that those words were a song in the making. I did record the original demo of this song shorty after I wrote it. About a year later, I left Florida to head back to New York where I was born. Many singer / songwriters come to NY with a song in there heart. For me I would have to say that this was mine. The meaning of this song I believe is timeless. I recorded, and mixed this song in my home studio. I played all the guitars, bass, and I programmed the drums. I also sang the lead, and background vox. The song was mastered by Chris Collier, who also mastered my last recording Down to the wire. Before that, my song Married to myself was mastered by Mike Rogers. My recording, and mixing only goes so far. Without their mastering skills, and advice, these recordings would not sound as good as they do in my humble opinion. Please listen to the other two songs mentioned as well as Backward on Youtube. Please feel free to give me some feedback on what you think of the songs. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays. I wish you a heathy, happy, and prosperous 2018






I hope that your spring is treating you great. I have good news. I have a new song recorded. It’s part of my home studio recording demo sessions. This is the second song I’m releasing after the first one “Married to Myself.” The idea is to put out these demo’s, and see what tunes get the best reaction. This new recording is of the song “Down to the Wire."

Actually, it’s an old song. It was written when I was a teenager with my band “No Reazen.” The band concisted of Me, Ronnie Oakes, Carl Bailey, Mike Verrico, and John Pierre Rammond aka Slyde Rayon. I was 14 years old when I meet fellow guitarist Carl Bailey who was 17. He was, and still is a great guitar player. It was only a few years after I met him that he would write this terrific guitar riff. I also have to give credit to Carl for the first part off the first guitar solo. He played such a great lead that I pretty much copied it for the recording. Why would I want to have anything different? What he originally did was perfect.

Enjoy the song “Down to the Wire.” Its a very special song. Play it, enjoy it, and share it with friends, and family.





I’ve got some good news. I have a new song titled “Married to Myself.” I recorded it in my new home studio. I’m very happy with it. I think it sounds terrific, and I’d like to share with you. Just note, it is a demo. This was my first crack at recording at home in a few years so this song survived many learning curves. I will be putting out these demo recordings more frequently now that I have the first song under my belt. I really wanted to get some new music to you. Its been a long time, and I’m really happy, and excited to finally have something to share. Also by doing this, I’ll be able to get a good feel for what songs stick the most for my next record. Thats were you guy come into play. I’d love to get your all your feedback about the songs. Now please enjoy demo number one “Married to Myself.” Its a straight ahead hard rock song with a bit of humor, a bit more reality, and a bit bit more guitar solo. I hope you enjoy it.






I am very excited to mention that I will be performing this Friday night at The legendary Bitter End. Joining me on Drums is Felipe Torres, and on the bass, Ricardo Rodriguez. We had a great time performing at Rockwood Music Hall back in April. Now we’re ready to keep the ball rolling with another original music showcase. For those of you who have been asking me to play earlier for some time now, your wish is my command. Most of the songs we’ll be playing are brand spanking new. We’ll also play a few songs from my record “Life is Sweeter…” just for good measure. So to get you in the mood a little bit I want to share with you some demo recordings that I’ve made recently. They're very raw, just some guitar, and vocals. A few of these songs will ultimately be on the next Jerry Cherry record. Perhaps you can tell me your favorites. I would love that.

I’m very excited for this next phase of my musical journey. In the last few years I’ve been able to play with some amazing bands. From Chubby Checker to tribute band’s such as No Excuses, Dancing Dream, Disco Unlimited, White Wedding, and Hair Metal Time Machine. I’ve become such a better musician, and performer playing this music with these groups of amazing people. Please check them all out. I’m excited to see what kind of influence it has on me now that I’m writing, and performing my own music again which is so important to me. I hope that you’ll take this musical trip with me. Enjoy the demos online. Love to see you Friday night. In the unfortunate event that you can’t come, you can stream the show live from anywhere in the world at www.bitterend.comello,

Rock and roll,


The Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street
(between Thompson and LaGuardia)
New York City, NY 10012



It’s been a while hasn't it? I hope that you are ready for some new music. I'm happy to finally say that I have my first show playing my own music in quite some time. It will be at Rockwood Music Hall on Wednesday, April 29th at 12 midnight. It sounds late but it’s really not. That used to be early, remember? After being a sideman for the better part of the last seven years, it feels great to be playing my own music again, as well. I'll be performing mostly all new songs, and 1 or 2 from my first record "Life Is Sweeter…" I'm also happy to announce that drummer Felipe Torres, and Bassist Ricardo Rodriguez who played on the record will be playing the show with me. Come hear the new songs that are ultimately going to be on a new record out this summer.

I'm really excited about my new music. I've been recording demos for all the new songs, and a few older ones that found their way to the surface. They’re sounding real good, and I can’t wait to share them with you live. Look for more guitar playing in the new music. As much as I always love singing and writing songs, my biggest passion was always playing guitar. I've always tried to play just what was right for my songs in the past but now I'm flipping it around. These new songs will really showcase my guitar playing a lot more. I hope that you can come out and join us on this special night.

And for something "Totally Tubular, Dude," check out my 80's tribute band White Wedding. I love playing with this band. This music has been a big influence on me again, and has always been especially as a guitarist. I've come full circle, and around again.

See you at the shows.

Jerry Cherry
Rockwood Music Hall Wednesday, April 29th Midnight, Free, 1 drink min.
196 Allen St New York, NY


Hello Cherries,

Happy 4th of July,

I just want to remind you to tune in to The Today Show tomorrow, Friday morning to see me play guitar with Chubby Checker performing his new song "Changes."

If you don't get a chance to see the performance on TV, it will be on Fasebook shortly after so check it out there.

On another note, I'm subbing on guitar for 80's band White Wedding, not the amazing Rubix Kube who I usually sub for. This will be a great time too. I'm excited, and I'd love to see all of my Long Island friends, and family on this great night.

Lastly, I'm writing songs like crazy and I cant wait to play them for you. Stay tuned...



The Today Show
W/ Kathie Lee & Hoda
Friday, July 5th
10am sometime before 11am

White Wedding "80's"
Sat, July 13, 10pm till 2am
The Nutty Irishman
323 Main St., Farmingdale, NY



Hello Cherries,

I hope that your staying cool, all thought that would be impossible unless you live in Antarctica, or another slightly cooler place.

Great news! Tune in to The Today Show on Friday, July 5th to see me play guitar with Chubby Checker. It's a performance of his new song Changes. Very exciting. Check your local listings for times.

Don't forget to Like me on Facebook for all the latest.

Be Sweet,



Hello Cherries,

Happy Easter. I hope that you're all wonderful and enjoying this beautiful Spring weather. One way to enjoy yourself is to come down to The Red Lion on Tuesday, April 10th. My 90's tribute band No Excuses is performing our first show in Manhattan. No Excuses is a great band covering the best of 90's rock. We play music from Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Foo Fighters just to name a few, and mostly the heavier, harder stuff. I think you'll love it. Scroll down to the video section to see a montage of the band performing. Come down and party with us at this great NYC club. Here's the "No Excuses" website. www.noexcusesli.com

I've also been plucking away in another band called Big Daddy Deluxe. BDD is a truly authentic Rockabilly band with big booming bass, twangy guitars, and lots of snare. We play tunes from Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, 50's Elvis, The Stray Cats, and much more. BDD has a show coming up on April 14th at The Huntington Moose Lodge. Theres a car show from 5-7, then 3 great Rockabilly bands. Come to the rumble. Check out BDD's Facebook page.

Now for something really outside the realm of what you thought I would do. I've been rehearsing as (Bjorn) in an Abba tribute band called Abba Girlz. It was only the two female singers, Agnetha, and Frida, hence the name, until recently when we put a full band together around them. Its sounding, and looking great, and it's lots of fun. We have our first show on July 1st, at B.B. Kings, in NYC. See more at http://www.gigmasters.com/Abba-Tribute-Band/Abba-Girlz/

Check out the show area below. I have lots of fun shows coming up and would love to see your smiling faces. Please Like me on Facebook so that you can get last minute info, updates, and impromptu performances.




Hello Cherries,

There has been some cool stuff happening in the Cherry camp lately. First of all, I recently joined the band No Excuses. They're an ass-kicking, hard rock 90's tribute band from Long Island. The band’s set list is terrific. They’re a great group of guys and I'm happy to be part of it. Ironically I just played my first show with them last week at a club called JC's in Manorville. It was great. Check out the band’s website at www.noexcusesli.com for upcoming shows. Get the latest news and impromptu performances, and never miss anything by connecting with me on Facebook. Click here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jerry-Cherry/35402471239

CHECK THIS OUT: "Jerry Cherry Guitar Player Promo" video! Yes, just me playing guitar, weaving in and out of a few different styles that I like to play. Pass it around to your friends and leave comments. I'd love to hear what you think. Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcygwruJhhs or scrol down to my video section.

MORE: "Interview with a Cherry" video… I just did a video interview with Riffslinger.com. I talk about the balance making Jerry Cherry music while supporting my art by playing other music, and more. It just so happens that I'm also the artist of the month. It really is a great website focusing on independent music and networking in the NYC area. Check out my profile: http://www.riffslinger.com/ The Interview will be posted in a few days.

Rubix Kube, the best 80's tribute band on the planet… I am their substitute guitarist and have played a handful of shows with them. We just played a private party that featured the singer Hugo, from the Journey tribute band Voyage. Check him out when you can. I've also posted a video on YouTube from a show I played with the Kube in July. It's my guitar solo and I play Van Halen's Eruption. See this thunderous video here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQyxLSxlhmw or scroll down to my video section.

Last but certainly not least, I just became an endorsee of a very interesting new product called the "Jam Kat" from a company called pick-smith. Its basically a ring on your pointer finger that holds the pick and lets it flip up and out of the way so that you to pick with your fingers, then you can easily grab the pick again. It's a great invention. See me demo this flipping pick here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxPfnfJCvlc

Happy Holidays, from me to all of you. I'll be closing out the old year and ringing in the new year in Grand Junction, CO with Sir Checker. May all your dreams come true.




Hello Cherries,

Its been a long time. I hope that your Cherries have not melted away from the summer heat. I've been a very busy boy playing shows with Jerry Cherry, Chubby Checker, The totally 80's Rubix Kube, and also the classic rock stylings of DA Cole.

Speaking of heat, I'm playing guitar in my first public show with the totally awesome 80's tribute band Rubix Kube THIS Saturday night, July 9th, at The Canal Room, at 11:30. Come check out this show. Its really great. We play all the best of the most fun decade in music. Everything from Devo, Tiffany, Madonna, to Whitesnake and Van Halen and all points in-between. This band has very talented musicians, and really dresses the part to take you back to the 80's. I grew up with this music and it's fun and challenging to play. I always wanted to play Eruption. Check out more of Rubix Kube at http://www.rubixkube.com/

Check out this great NYC music website that made a really cool and fun Jerry Cherry music page, and made me artist of the month for June. Yes I know its July already so I'm old news but please check out this great site and learn what it's all about. You can be a part of it too if your an artist. http://www.riffslinger.com/Jerry_Cherry.html

For the past few years I've been endorsed by a guitar company in Canada called Carparelli. I was the first one in America to play there guitar and I've been very happy with it. You've probably seen me with it. Red, quilt top, shaped almost like a Les Paul. There growing and doing great and now have a very impressive list of Endorsee's. Check out there site at http://www.carparelliguitars.com/main/

I have a bunch of shows coming up with the Legendary Chubby Checker. We've been rocking all over the world and it's been so much fun. Check out www.chubbychecker.com for show dates in a town near you.

Thats all for now my sweet cherry loves. Stay tuned for some really great Jerry Cherry shows, and music in the near future.





Little Cherries,

Its been a long, cold lonely winter." Thats not true. I had a great winter spending time with my great friends and family. I hope that yours was great as well.

Here comes the Cherry. I'm performing a solo acoustic show (This) Wednesday, May 11th, at 10:15pm. No Cover! I know that sounds precise but thats the time slot I was given and it's a 30 minute set. I was invited to do this show by my great friend and talented singer/songwriter Denise Barbarita. This is a new Songwriting series thats taking place at a beautiful venue in the Lower East Side, NYC called Culture Fix. Culture Fix is a bar, gallery and event space. Offering workshops, gallery openings, parlor games, and live performances, culturefix invites lovers of the arts, food, drink and design to merge. Check out there website http://culturefixny.com

Here is the line up. 7:30: DENISE BARBARITA 8:30: KELSEY WARREN 9:30: TATIANA MOROZ 10:15: JERRY CHERRY. I hope that you can come out on this special night where I'll be playing some new songs, and eating some French cheese, not at the same time. Come early.

In other great news, Im playing a show in Dusseldorf, Germany on May 16th with the legendary Chubby Checker. I'm very excited about going to Germany. Please let me know of any important German words that I should know to help me while I'm there. I'd appreciate it. Also check out all Chubby Checkers shows at http://www.chubbychecker.com/schedule.asp

And in new, new news, I just joined the #1 80's tribute band in the world, "Rubix Kube." The bands original line up is still in tack, I'll be playing guitar with them here and there. I'll be playing with them on June 23rd at The Canal Room NYC, and July 9th somewhere TBD. Its such a fun show and its a dream come true to be playing with them. Check out some of there vids.http://www.youtube.com/user/rubixkubetube

Thats all for now. See you at the show.

Guten Tag,


Culture Fix (Solo acoustic show)
Wed May 11, 10:15pm
9 Clinton St (LES) NYC 10002 (No Cover, all ages)

Canal Room (w/ Rubix Kube)
Thurs June 23rd, 11:30pm
285 West Broadway NYC 10013 ($12. 21+)



Hello Cherries,

I hope that your staying warm on these cold winter nights. I'm very excited to tell you that I have a show coming up at Rockwood Music Hall on January 12th. Its been way to long since my last NYC show, which was in July at Rockwood as well. I miss you so come out and celebrate. I will have some great musicians playing with me on this night. On drums, the one and only Aaron Brooks, and on the bass for the first time with the cherry, Mr. Matt Basile. We'll be performing a few brand new songs, so be amongst the first to hear them performed with this great band.

Thats all for now. I'm off to the Mountains of Telluride, CO. I'll be rocking into the New Year with Chubby Checker. I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best in 2011.



Rockwood Music Hall
Wed Jan 12th, midnight Free
196 Allen St, NY NY

The National Underground (upstairs)
Feb 3rd, 10:pm Free
159 E. Houston, NY NY


12-7-10 Dear Christmas Cherries,

Ho Ho Ho. Santa Cherry has some good news for you: I'll be playing an
acoustic show at "Slane Bar" this Thursday night, Dec 9th. Yay! I'll be
playing half original songs, including a bunch of new songs you've never
heard before, and half covers. I'm so lucky to have some very talented
special guests, great friends of mine playing these cover songs with me, as
well as dishing out a few surprises themselves. "Slane Bar," AKA "Slane
Public House" is a really cool place located at 102 MacDougal St. NYC
(Bleecker & MacDougal St.) in Greenwich Village. Best of all, its FREE.
They also have really cheap drinks, and great food too. Check out their
website at http://www.slanenyc.com/ . We play from 10:30 until 11:45, so
swing in and be Merry Cherry. But come early, because "Buy The Sky," another
great band hits the stage 8:30. Check them out at
http://www.Myspace.com/BuyTheSkyBand. See ya Thursday night.

Mark your calendars... I have two more free, full band shows coming up. The
first is on Wednesday, January 12th, at midnight, at "Rockwood Music Hall."
How sweet it is to play "The Rock?" The other is at "The National
Underground," on Thursday, February 3rd, at 10pm, "upstairs" which is
actually the ground floor. Not downstairs! I never ever play downstairs,
anywhere. I stopped doing that when my friend Rob from the coolest band in
the world "The Compulsions," said that playing downstairs in NYC is a joke.
It's true, I agree. I also agree that if you trip and fall down the stairs
and happen to have an instrument on you, well then I suppose its ok to play.
Thank you Rob for the great advice. I'll have more info about these rocking
shows, and about how falling down the stairs can hurt if you're not properly
trained, coming soon.

Check this out!! "Guided Revolution," a website created by Carrie Cochran
Cabrera, a long time, great friend of mine did a piece on me. Carrie, who's
one of the most creative, talented, fashion designers ever, built this
website focusing on fashion at airports, trying to stay comfortable, while
still looking stylish. We know how hard that could be. Especially when you
have to take it all off to get through security. Check out this link to see
the piece she did on me, and also look around her site and share your travel
stories and fashion tips.
ry.html . Thanks Carr. And thank you, my sweet little Cherries for being so

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas. May all your dreams come true.



Hello Cherries,

I hope that this news finds you cherry, cool, healthy, and tingly all over.

Let's talk about the great merger that happened when The Funk Church from Philly came out and kicked out the funk with us at Rockwood Music Hall on July 5th. It was such a blast rocking out with them and I'm looking forward to busting out the funk again. There are some videos posted from that funky performance. See them on YouTube here:
We received some press at Broadwayworld.com about that rocking, funky, evening.

Also check out Radio Crystal Blue. Its a weekly podcast that plays music from many NYC bands as well as music from around the country. They played my song "Slip" and had some interesting things to say. Have a listen. I’m at about 1:35 into the show:

Please be my friend on Facebook; you'll be able to keep up with any impromptu performances -- and you'll be able to keep your eye on the Cherry.

That's all for now. See you soon.




Hello Cherries,

It’s summer, and everything is hot and funky. But just wait: it’s about to get even funkier. First of all, if you missed the last Jerry Cherry and the Mayhem show at Rockwood Music Hall, now you’re in luck. There's a video posted on YouTube of my new song, “Shadow Devil Sister,” from that very special night. Here's the link. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2gk8uApZ9k
There's also a great review of that show from Broadwayworld.com. Just go to the press section of www.jerrycherry.com to read it. While you're there, check out some of the other great press I've received recently.

On July 5th, Rockwood Music Hall isn’t going to know what hit them when Jerry Cherry and the Mayhem merge their power rock sound with the funk, neo-soul style sounds of the Philly-based band Funk Church. Fronted by none other that Chubby Checker’s son Shan Egan, and featuring keyboardist John Bigham (Chubby Checker band), Funk Church will help us turn the stage at Rockwood Music Hall into something reminiscent of Soul Train. Cherries, I introduce to you, Jerry Cherry and the Funk Church. Check out Funk Church at www.myspace.com/funkchurch. Put on your dancing shoes, because it’s going to be a hot one.

On May 28th, I performed three songs on the Time Warner cable TV show “New York Rocks.” Funk Church's Shan Egan, who is promoting his new record, performed as well. The show is scheduled to air sometime in June. Stay tuned. After the filming, there was a late night jam at The National Underground in downtown NYC. Shan and I sat in with the band Aki is the Glue and jammed a cool Stones tune. You can check out the performance on Youtube. Here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu51PkzWfDc While you’re there, check out some of the behind-the-scenes footage from the New York Rocks taping.

If you’re not my friend on Facebook already, please become one; you'll be able to keep up with any impromptu performances -- and you'll be able to keep a better eye on me! I just posted some really awesome pictures that fans, friends and I took across the country over the last six months. Check them out on my Facebook and Myspace pages. Also, always check out my tour dates. You’ll be surprised how close we are to you. That’s all for now, Cherries. See you soon.



Dear Cherries,

I hope you’re all feeling good. I have a few shows coming up. Tonight, Fri the 9th, FREE upstairs at The National Underground, my Kick Ass Rock cover band ‘The Mayhem’ plays from 1-3am, immediately following Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors. If you love to rock, you’ll love this band. We play different stuff. Fun stuff.

Since 'The Mayhem' chemistry has been so awesome, we’ve decided to morph some originals from the other band mates with new music from myself that has been Mayhemed. These new tunes are killer and we’re very excited to put them out there. We’ll be performing our first show at Rockwood Music Hall on April 21st, midnight. Joining me, on guitar is Adam Paul Leach, Drew Mortali (James Maddock) on bass, and Aaron Brooks (Moby) on Drums. It's loud, fun, and twin leads. Whew. One of my favorite singer / keyboardist’s Misty Boyse is also playing on this night. I’m very happy about that. This show is also free with a one drink min. I want to see you.

I’m also playing a free and very low key solo gig at The National Underground on Sunday, April 11th, at 8pm. (Don’t tell anybody, it’s a secret). Come out.

Great news! I’ve signed a non-exclusive publishing deal. With any luck and design, you will hear some Jerry Cherry classics turning up when you least expect them. Party on.

I have a ton of shows coming up. Check the list below and come out where you are. Please add me on Facebook, and Twitter, and stay connected.

See you at the shows. Ah ah ah



'The Mayhem'. The beginning of a superband. The Jerry Cherry band is becoming more than just me and hired guns. I actually found some guys that are incredible musicians that are into collaborating. The Mayhem, is a rock and roll cover band with a great chemistry. Were taking that same magic and putting in into an original band. Half of this show will be Jerry Cherry songs, and the other half will be tunes put together by The Mayhem. Joining me, on guitar is Adam Paul Leach, Drew Mortali on bass, and Aaron Brooks on Drums. Come see this new superband. It's loud, fun, and twin leads. Whew.



Hello Cherries,

Spring is in the air and I'm bringing you some cool stuff this month. I'm playing in the fun cover band 'Aki is the Glue' Thurs, March 18th. Five big nights in a row at Feinsteins in NYC with Chubby Checker. One Mayhem show (My hard rock cover band) in between. Finaly, Jerry Cherry at Rockwood Music Hall on April 21st. I'm very excited about this show. I have a killer new band, and I'm happy to be performing a few new tunes.

A reminder, if you dont already, please follow me on Facebook, and Twitter. As you can tell, these Observer's are far and few in between. Following me there would keep your aware of everything. And you know that I know that you want to know everything. Plus you can put 'My Band' widget on your pages so that you can listen to my tunes, and see all my shows dates. And your friends will see. Hmm! See where I'm going with this?

Come out and enfoy the shows. It will be great to see ya.

Cherry Kiss's




Dear Cherries,

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to an amazing 2010 and wish nothing but the best for all of you as well.

Please join my emailing list so that you’ll be informed about upcoming events. Its easy. Just click the Cherry form to the left.

Be Sweeter…



Jerry Cherry Tonight and Mucho Mayhem

Hello Cherries.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have a last minute show tonight at Banjo Jims. I would love to see ya’s. It will be a solo acoustic gig but I will have a special guest bassist Drew Mortali joining me in some honky tonk.

Also! Mark your calendar. I have a new cover band called “The Mayhem.” We’re playing at The local 269. If you like hard rock bands like Judas Priest, Ratt, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, then come rock out with us. ‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving, so the party is on. Plus there’s and open jam afterwards with full equipment. Bring your ax.

The newest pictures from the last few months out on the road are posted to Myspace, and Facebook. Have a look-see. I know you miss me. I miss you too.



Jerry Cherry
Banjo Jim’s
Tonight Tues Nov 17, 10pm ish. FREE
700 E. 9th St (Ave C) NYC

Mucho Mayhem
The Local 269
Wed Nov 25, 11pm FREE
269 Houston St (Suffolk) NYC



Jerry Cherry CMJ Show Today! Friday!

I miss my Cherries,

I hope all you sweet things are doing great. I want to say that I’m listening to a new album by my friend James Maddock. It’s called “Sunrise on Avenue C.” It’s so good.

I also want to say that its CMJ festival week and I’ve just been added to a show at Banjo Jim’s. I hit the stage at 4pm with a solo acoustic set. Shira (http://www.myspace.com/shira) at 5 pm, followed by Boston's Aloud (http://www.allthingsALOUD.com) at 6, followed by your favorite honky-tonk heroes (ahem), The Ramblers, at 7 pm. No cover, excellent cheap beer! I know it’s an early show but if you’re out and about on a beautiful Friday afternoon on Avenue C stop in and hear some music.

Love to see yaya’s,


Friday, Oct 23: Banjo Jim's CMJ showcase: Jerry Cherry at 4 pm...Avenue C @ East 9th St,



Jerry Cherry Rocks the Teens Tonight

Hello Cherries,

I hope that everyone is having a beautiful summer. Mine has been very sweet. I have a really cool show tonight at the ATC (Amity Teen Center). This place is just insane. We performed there once already back in January and it was one of the most fun shows ever. These kids really know how to rock. Besides bands, the ATC has practically every game known to man. It’s an all ages show so put on your game faces and boogie on down. The ATC is in Woodbridge, CT. It’s only an hour and a half from NYC, and well worth the trip. These kids are the future of America and I like where were going.

In Theatre news, my music is being used for the “Rock” Incidental score for Adam Roebuck’s Off-Broadway production of Spring’s Awakening. It runs through Sunday, August 30th. See www.springstix.com for tix and more info. The Theater’s not dead.

I have a few acoustic shows around the country that I’m very proud to be apart of. I’m performing at writer Kristin Harmel's party for the release of her fifth novel, “Italian for Beginners,” very cool. I’m also opening up for guitarist Roger Filgate who is a monster guitarist and is a treat for me to watch. I have some exciting Chubby Checker shows that are going to kick but. Lastly, for the first time ever, I’ll be playing guitar for singer- songwriter Jamie Rae for a few shows. Please come out. We’d love to squeeze you.




Jerry Cherry at Rockwood July 8th (plus other shows)

Hello Cherries,

Hope everyone is staying cool. It’s freaking hot out there. Speaking of cool, I have a show at Rockwood Music Hall on Wednesday, July 8th at 11 p.m., which I’m calling, “A Family Affair.” This is a very special show for me, as I’ve decided to share the stage with some of my closest friends and fellow musicians. Besides playing Jerry Cherry songs, my band and I are going to back up a few different artists that I’ll be hitting the road with in the coming weeks. Among the special guests will be the band HiFi, performing their new song, “She’s My Girl,” which is currently burning up radio airwaves. Jamie Rae will also join us to sing her song, “Never.” There will be other very special appearances too. I haven’t played in New York in a while and would love to see you there. I love and miss all of you!

July 8th will not just be a great night at Rockwood but a full day of music indeed. The day will start early with a performance with Chubby Checker on the ABC News Now entertainment show, “What’s The Buzz.” ABC News Now is available on cable, broadband and mobile in 55 million households nationwide. Check out their website for a live stream and viewing info for the show at: http://abcnews.go.com/abcnewsnow/story?id=6444026 . The show airs sometime between noon and 2 pm. We’ll be performing a remix of one of Chubby Checker’s top ten hits of 1961. This remix has never been performed live, and I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Also on July 8th, Chubby Checker and the Wildcats will be performing at Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center (62nd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam), with a Twist lesson at 6:30 and a show at 8:30. Finally, a chance for all my NYC friends to come out and see this great show! Tix are $15, general admission. Here are some more upcoming shows, including one tomorrow, July 1, right here in Manhattan. Hope to see you there!

Jerry Cherry at Best Buy (In-Store)
Wed July 1st
60 W. 23rd St. (corner of 23rd and 6th Ave) NYC
6-8pm Free

HiFi w/ Jerry Cherry at “Bryant Family Fest”
Fri July 3rd
Little Rock, AR
8pm Free

HiFi w/ Jerry Cherry at “The Spirit of Freedom Festival”
Sat July 4th
Florence, AL

Keep on rocking in the greatest country in the world, the land of the free!

Happy 4th,



Jerry Cherry as Elvis. National TV

That’s right Cherries!

You heard me right. I will be singing at a fundraiser as Elvis Presley. Zenbaby Theatre Company is hosting the party of the 50’s Decade. It’s called The Sweet Soul Sock Hop. A night of song, dance, and revelry of all sorts! Songs, dance competitions, raffles, skits, comedy, craaazy! Be there or be square. This is a fundraiser for Zenbaby Theatre Companies Summer Productions. Have a few drinks and hop your socks while listening to Elvis play the hits. Ever want to get your picture taken with Elvis? Marilyn? Now’s your chance. I’m also playing a Jerry Cherry song, backing up a very talented group of singers with my guitar, and doing some acting. Danny Zuco, eat your heart out. Do you know where your poodle skirt is? How about your skinny tie?

Mon May 18th 10pm
The Mean Fiddle
266 w 47th (btwn 8th & Bway)
New York, NY 10036

$10 dollars w/ 50’s costume (c’mon Greasers)
$12 clams for general admission

Great news! I am going to perform on National TV. The show is called The Daily Buzz. The show is live on May 26th. I will perform my first song at 7:45, interview at 8:20, and then perform my second song at 8:45. These are EST. They will also play my Freakshow video. Yeehaw that’s great. Here are the stations where the Daily Buzz is carried. http://dailybuzznow.com/localstations.aspx . I am so sorry NYC, and all the other cities that don’t carry the show. I promise you will see it shortly after. This will be great exposure for me. 2 million people watch this show. That’s a lot of new Cherries.

While I was on the road for the past two weeks with Chubby Checker, I wrote a little article for Indie Sounds New York and Austin. Heres the link. http://indiesoundsny.typepad.com/indie_sounds_ny/2009/05/jerry-cherrys-latest-tour-letter-austin-tonight.html By the way, I’m not quite sure I’ll be playing The Annex on June 4th due to booking issues. Back to the tour. The show in Austin was amazing. There was a great crowd for both mine and Chubbys show. If I could have just a bit of Chubbys charisma, I would be over the top Cherrylicious. The tour couldn’t have ended sweeter than it did in Galveston, Texas. Who knows what Hurricane Ike pushed up out of that ocean when it hit there last September. I’m glad the city if finally recovering. All I know now is that it’s a place not only Glen Campbell loves, but so do I.

I will leave you with a few more recent press clips for all your guilty Cherry pleasures. For tour dates, NYC shows and everything else Cherry.





Great music news for a friend

Dear Cherries,

I just found out some really cool news about a great friend and I wanted to share it with you. My friend Gary Lefkowith is a singer/songwriter for the band HIFI and it’s a very special night for him. Tonight, April 20th, at 10pm, New York’s biggest rock station WRXP is going to play his song “She’s My Girl.” He has been getting played on many top 40 stations and has been #84 this past week on Mediabase. I would love it if you can tune into WRXP, 101.9 on your radio dial and listen to this great song. When it’s done, give a call to 800-423-1019 and give a good comment or praise. Gary is a great guy and I endorse him and his music 100%. Spread the love.

While I have your attention, you can now see my Rockmetv show now online. Just go to www.rockmetv.com and click on Acoustic Stories. You can see all 4 segments from the live internet show that I filmed last Monday, April 13th. Please enjoy.

You can also listen to my Vamp Radio internet interview now that I did on April 9th. Here’s the link. Enjoy. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/VampRadio/2009/04/09/Band-Night-On-Vamp-Radio-

Jerry Cherry
Threadgill’s South
301 Riverside Drive, Austin, Texas 78704
Cost $40. Opening and performing with Chubby Checker

For upcoming tours dates and all things Cherry

Peace and respect,



Hi Cherries,

I want to thank you for making my Acoustic Stories show at The Door Lounge an amazing night. It was so good to see all of your faces. The band had such a great time playing for you. If you couldn’t make the show or just want to see it again, the show in its entirety will be posted on www.rockmetv.com in a day or so. Please check back.

I’m playing in NYC tonight for the last time until June. From 9 till 2am there will be an acoustical maelstrom at the Delancey Club. This is a Drew party and if you don’t know what that means, we’ll the legend of The Three of Cups Sunday night’s lives on. Cheap drinks too. There will be 2 for one well drinks from 9-10 and $3. pbr’s all night. I play at 11:30 for a half hour. Come early, stay late.

Mark your calendars for the next Jerry Cherry Explosion. The Annex is one of New York City’s most rocking venues. Expect an amazing night. This is a sweet bill with two other great bands, Dynasty Electric and Zigmat.

Club NME @ The Annex
Thurs June 4th, 10pm
152 Orchard St (Lower East Side) NYC

www.myspace.com/dynastyelectric 9pm
www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband 10pm
www.myspace.com/zigmat 11pm

Sweeter always,



Jerry Cherry Live 4-13 Big News

Dear Cherries,

The curtain has fallen. We took our bows and our applause. Spoon River is over. Seven shows full of darkness and death. But what a great time I had. All the actors and singers were fantastic. I wish to keep in touch with all my new friends from the cast and to work together again. I will have video footage up on my site soon so we can all relive some of these magical moments.

Wednesday, April 8, I will be interviewed by Vamp Radio. Tune in and listen to this live internet interview with me. Go to www.blogtalkradio.com/vampradio to listen to the show. The show will go live at 9pm EST. The chat room will be open at 8pm. They will be taking calls and taking questions for the chat room. The call in number is 718-508-9440. Also, check out there website www.vampradioonline.com. I hope that you all can tune in and hear my voice loud and clear. I have something to say. “I love you.”

FREE BEER!!! Monday, April 13th. My full band is performing live at the beautiful Door Lounge. The show is called “Acoustic Stories” and that’s exactly what it is. With me will be Xue Yang Liu on the cello, and Francesca Mikaela on the violin, and Jamie Alegre on percussion. It’s a free show and please get there early, about 8pm. This show will be aired live on the internet. Cameras roll at 8:30pm. I’ve arranged to have free beer for our show so get there early and take advantage of it. There will be short breaks between a few songs too. Refills! We’re also giving out my CD Life Is Sweeter… free to the first 20 people at The Door. Come see me talk about the inspiration behind my songs before we perform them. This is my first show in New York since December. I really look forward to seeing you.

Big News! April 28th , I leave for two week tour with Chubby Checker which include three Epcot Center dates for my somewhat close to hometown friends to come to. In Austin, TX on May 7th, I will be opening the Chubby Checker show with a 20 minute acoustic set, Jerry Cherry style. After, I’ll be slinging the guitar with the legend himself. Come on Texas, show your love and come to the show. Yay. Also, checkout www.ourstage.com . My song Vampires was #2 a few days ago in the Indie rock section out of 700 songs in April. Pretty cool.

Rockmetv presents
Jerry Cherry (Acoustic Stories)
See it live, or tune in on the internet
At www.rockmetv.com
Monday, April 13th, 8pm sharp EST.
The Door Lounge
508 9th Ave (Btw 38th & 39th st) NYC
All ages, free.
Join Me, Jamie, Xue, and Fra for this beautiful night of music.




Jerry Cherry Off Broadway 3-31 SXSW

Hello Cherries

I want to start off by saying that our show in Texas at SXSW was and amazing experience. We all had the time of our lives. The weather was beautiful, the town was awesome, and we were all lucky enough to see some of the best bands in the world perform at this spectacular event. All these great bands were very inspiring for me to see while gearing up for my performance on the outside patio of The Creekside Lounge. The place was jam packed all night with good ol’ Texas folks, as well as music industry peeps, and poperotsy. Included in the media frenzy were NYC’s own BJ Barratt, and Pete Harris. Check out the press section of www.jerrycherry.com to see a press article from Indie Sounds New York / Austin. While you’re checking out the fun from that spectacular night, click here to check out a Youtube video and put yourself in the front row off the show. You can also click this link or paste it into your browser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tf4Kfc1Dfo . Please checkout the pic section of www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband to see some cool pic’s from that night, as well as pic’s from other recent shows from around the country. My first time in Austin was a good one. The good news is, it won’t be the last. I will be there again on May 7th at 9pm at Threadgill’s South Shore. I will be playing guitar with the legendary Chubby Checker. What an amazing night that is going to be. See you there.

Start spreading the news. Broadway, here I come. I will be singing in the Off Broadway show Spoon River Anthology. Please join us at the Roy Arias Theater Center located in the Times Square Arts Center. Performances are Tuesday, March 31st through Saturday, April 4th @8pm. Saturday April 4th and Sunday April 5th @3pm. The address is 300 West 43rd St. (btw 8th & 9th Ave) 5th Floor, NYC. See www.spoonrivertickets.com for tixs and times and cast bios. You can get your tickets on-line for $17.50 with your credit card or pay $20 cash only at the door. I hope that you can come see my theatre debut.

Rockmetv presents
Jerry Cherry (Acoustic Stories)
See it live, or tune in on the internet
at www.rockmetv.com
Monday, April 13th, 8pm sharp EST. Film at 8:30
The Door Lounge
508 9th Ave (Btw 38th & 39th st) NYC
All ages, free.
Join Me, Jamie, Xue, Fra for this beautiful night of music.





SXSW, Broadway, and more

Long time no Cherry,

Welcome to all the new Cherries that I’ve recently met on my cross country tour with Chubby Checker that are receiving my news letter for the first time. I hope that everyone managed to stay warm this winter. Maybe you had someone to snuggle up with, maybe you didn’t. Nevertheless, it’s starting to warm up here in New York, and also in Tejas.

Speaking of Texas, APPR is having its debut showcase at the SXSW! 6 indie bands including Jerry Cherry are heading down south to perform at Creekside Lounge in downtown Austin on March 18th. If you’re down there, you should join us! There’s no cover (but please RSVP to make sure we have space for you. Just go to www.absolutepitchpr.com ). Plus its open bar all night from 8pm to 2am. I hit at 12:00am. Creekside Lounge is on E. 7th Street at Red River St. This will be a great night. I look forward to seeing you.

Now hear this! We all knew this day would come: I will be singing in an Off Broadway show called Spoon River Anthology. Spoon River is collection of poems that will be spoken by 25 actors. Each poem is an epitaph of a dead citizen, delivered by the dead themselves. When the four singers including myself come out singing, it acts as relief, sometimes comic, offering a much needed distraction from the poems’ very serious subject matter. Please join us at the Roy Arias Theater Center located in the Times Square Arts Center 300 West 43rd St. (Btw 8th & 9th Ave) 5th Floor. See www.spoonrivertickets.com for tixs and times. The show runs from March 31st thru April 5th. Come see my theater debut.

I’m also performing live at the same beautiful Times Square Arts Center on April 13th, for a live internet show called “Acoustic Stories.” With me will be Xue and Fra on cello and Violin, and Jamie Alegre on percussion. Please join us live or tune in live via the internet at rockmetv.com. It’s a free show and please get there early, about 8pm. Cameras roll at 8:30pm. I will be talking about the inspiration behind my songs before we bust them out. This is my first show in New York since before Christmas. I really look forward to seeing all your sweet pretty faces.

Lastly, unfortunately my video Freakshow did not garner enough votes to win the Makeastar.com contest. Thanks so much to all of you for voting and asking your friends to vote. I did get national TV exposure on Fuse TV, episode 9 and 10. If you missed it, see it now on www.makeastar.com

For info, tour dates, and to try, then buy my album Life Is Sweeter... visit www.jerrycherry.com

La la la love ya,




Jerry Cherry. So close, I can taste it.

Sweet Cherries,

Yippee! We’re so close. Just a few more votes and I win the grand prize. The Hollywood Phase of the MakeAStar competition has already begun! Just a reminder to have yourself and your friends vote for me on MakeAStar.com. It’s now down to just 29 out of hundreds of submissions – and I made it through! This is now the “official” competition.

Even IF I don’t win the grand prize, the fact that I get through to the finals would give me so much exposure. I’ve already been featured on Fuse TV (national broadcast) on Jan. 31st. This is the first of 4 rounds of voting – 50% is audience voting and 50% is from a panel of judges. And each round will require something different from each artist, so stay tuned.

This first round ends Sunday, Feb. 15th at 1:pm PST. Every vote counts, so vote as often as you can! I’ll be coming home from a Chubby Checker show in Vegas at the Silverton Casino on Sunday when they announce the winner. Lets win this $10,000. We’re so close. Don’t forget that if I win, everyone that voted gets a free Jerry Cherry shirt. You’d look so good in one, I know it.

Here is a direct link to vote for me in my match.
http://www.makeastar.com/match.asp?rTabSlct=2&rContestId=7319&rMatchName=Match+5&rMatchType=Preliminary&rJcnt=0&rIsFreejudge= You might have to copy and paste this link into your browser.

On another note, Pulp Magazine’s Sarah Daniels from the University of New Haven did a great interview with me. Please check it out and get some incite on Jerry Cherry past, present, future, and see some video and picks from the ATC show. Here is the link. http://pulp.chargerbulletin.com/bottom.php?id=music/020109_1526-0&s=f

Thank you and stay sweet,




Jerry Cherry wins on Fuse TV.

Hello Cherries,

I want to thank everybody who voted for me in the Make a Star contest. I’m very happy to announce that because of your votes, I won the 2nd round and I’m now in the final Hollywood phase of the contest. There are only 29 people now that can win the grand prize which is $10,000 and a performance on Fuse. By the way, did you see my interview and Freakshow video on Fuse Saturday? If you didn’t, please go to www.makeastar.com and check out the latest TV episode from January 31st.

Let me tell you how it’s broken down. Voting for this phase will be this Sunday, Feb 8th, at 10am PST. That means 1:pm for all you New Yorkers or east coasters. Winners from these rounds will advance to the quarter finals, continuing to the Semi finals and then to the finals which take place starting March 1st. Everyone has a chance to vote for their favorite video in that round. (So essentially, you will have to please vote 4 more times for me!) Lets win this.

Here’s the schedule:
Preliminary Round
Sun, Feb 8th 10:am – Sun, Feb 15th 10:am
Quarter Finals
Sun, Feb 15th, 10:am – Sun, Feb 22nd 10:am
Semi Finals
Sun, Feb 22nd, 10:am – Sun, March 1st 10:am
Sun, March 1st 10:am – Sun, March 8th 10:am

Anyone can find out the winners at www.makeastar.com or via Twitter by adding twitter.com/makeastar
Ok. I’m off to the Great White North to play a Chubby Checker show on Friday the 6th, then back down to Atlantic City, NJ on Saturday the 7th where all you New Yorkers should come to the Hilton and see this amazing show. The M.A.S. voting will start Sunday way before I get back to NY so let’s get a jump start and let’s finish what we started.

Thanks to the best friends and Cherries in the world,




Dear Cherries,

I want to thank everyone who voted for me for the Make a Star contest. They will be announcing the winner this Saturday, 1/31, at 10:30am EST on Fuse TV. Wake up early, have your cereal, watch some cartoons. Tom and Jerry Cherry maybe. Felix the Cat purhaps. Then tune in and see if I make it to the next and final round.

I also want to mention what a great show we had in Woodbridge CT at the ATC, Amity Teen Center. I performed along with four great local bands and had my friends Misty Boyce and The Rich Girls from NYC come and perform after me. There was a great write up in The Hartford Advocate about the show. See the article below in the press section of this site.

Earlier that afternoon we performed a Radio Show at WNHU in the University of New Haven. DJ Kyle Halligan hosted the show called Hectic Eclectic. We performed 4 songs, talked about the album Life Is Sweeter…, touring, and playing guitar with Chubby Checker. There is a video on Youtube of one of the songs we performed there in studio. See the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOfq-BO0uUE .

Check this out! My Video Freakshow is also #5 out of 700 video’s on Ourstage.com Check it out http://www.ourstage.com/search?search=jerry+cherry . If I hit #1 by Feb 1, I think I win a banana. I could really use more potassium. Please see it. Did you ever walk down 1st Avenue in NYC and see The East Village Radio Station? The host, 2BadJim (aka Jim Allen) placed me in his playlist along with Nick Cave, Jeff Buckley, and lots of other greats. Listen to the playlist at http://eastvillageradio.com/modules.php?name=evrshow&showid=128

Last but certainly not least, I’m still in the running to make the Alive with Clive compilation album. This album is to raise money for people suffering from AIDS, and to prevent the further spread of AIDS in South Africa. It’s a very good cause and I want to be on the album. Please check the site and vote for me at http://alivewithclive.tv/inthetop20now.html . That’s all for now. Have a beautiful February.




Jerry Cherry invades CT. Fuse TV

Hello Cherries,

I just got off the road after playing a great Jerry Cherry show in DC, and two amazing Chubby Checker shows in Lancaster, PA, and Manistee, Michigan where there was over two feet of snow. Now, I’m very excited to be performing this Friday night, January 23rd, 9:pm, at the Amity Teen Center in Woodbridge, CT. It turns out that NYC’s own Rich Girls, and Misty Boyce is on the bill that night as well. Yippee. I will also be performing on a live radio show that Friday afternoon. Located on the Univ of New Haven’s campus, DJ’s Kyle Halligan host’s a radio show called “Hectic Eclectic,” 88.7 WNHU, which airs from 2pm-4pm. Tune in or listen on-line. I received some press from the Washington Express as well as making the best of 08’ compilation CD by BJ Barrett. See it all in the press section of www.jerrycherry.com . A big thank you to my new friends that I met in these amazing places. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Check this out! My video for Freakshow was entered in a contest at Makeastar.com for best original music. I could win $10k and a spot on Fuse TV. The contest end date is 1/26/09. Please click on the link below and vote for me. It’s real easy and quick to do. You can vote for me as many times as you like, every day if you want. If I win, whoever voted for me will get a free Jerry Cherry t-shirt. How do you like those cherries?


In internet radio news, I was featured on a great show called Radio Crystal Blue. There were some nice words spoken about me, and a song played from my album Life Is Sweeter… Here is an mp3 of the show. Listen and enjoy. http://cblue.lunarpages.com/RCBnew010409.mp3
Stay tuned Cherries. I have some really good news I will lay on you soon.



Jerry Cherry show tonight poseponed.

Happy New Year Cherries,

Wishing you the best in this New Year.

Now hear this! There will be no show Monday, January 5th at the Door lounge. This show was suppost to be broadcasted live over the internet. Unfortunately, their website is down. No website = no live internet show. It will be poseponed for a bit. I’ll keep you posted on when it’s rescheduled.

Home sweet home. 10 days straight on the road was as fun as it was grueling. Life was sweeter when I performed on New Years Eve into the New Year. I believe that is the preference of every musician to play when the ball drops. That’s exactly what I did on the last night of the year / tour with Chubby Checker in Durant Oklahoma. We performed 6 straight nights in 5 cities in 2 states. What a blast. I wrote a story while on the road called “A Christmas Tour Letter from Jerry Cherry,” for Indie Sounds NY online. Go to www.indiesoundny.com to see the story. Speaking of Indie Sounds, I made their top 10 live highlights of 08’. Check it out too and see who else made the list.

Check this out! It’s real cool. It only takes 10 seconds to do and it will really help. I need you to rate me on 101.9 RXP’s website. Go to www.1019rxp.com/Bands/ManhattanBands/View.aspx?ID=109480 and rate me from 1-10. This will catch the attention of the musical supervisor at the station and get some more Jerry Cherry airplay. That would be sweeter… Oh, and another thing. My great friend / radio promoter / musician Gary Leftowith has a very cool new song out. You have hear it. Check out Hi-Fi on Itunes. The song is called She's My Girl- Single

Last but not least, Jerry Cherry tour dates:

Sat, Jan 10th, 2:pm, acoustic show, free
DC Winter Jam (held during the annual Health & Fitness Expo)
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Fri, Jan 23rd, 10:pm, full band show
Amity Teen Center
10 Selden St Woodbridge, CT
Possible special guest, NYC’s own ???? ?????

Thank you for making 08’ great.




Baby, It's Jerry Cherry tonight at Rockwood 10pm

Dear Cherries,

Final reminder about the show tonight at Rockwood Music Hall. Come celebrate the last Jerry Cherry show of 2008. I know most of you are off tomorrow so let the partying begin tonight. We’ll also be celebrating a birthday tonight as our very own Xue Yang turns ?? Baby, its cold outside so bundle up.

Great news! I’m still in the running to be on a compilation cd being created to be sold to millions of people to provide millions of dollars to assist people suffering from AIDS in South Africa. Please vote for me here for a great cause. http://alivewithclive.tv/inthetop20now.html

If you haven’t all ready, please become a fan on my Facebook artist page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jerry-Cherry/35402471239 There you get all the latest Jerry Cherry news and updates.

Thank you for making 2008 great. Have a Merry Cherry Christmas.




Hello Cherries.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the Fontana’s show. It was a great night. We had a blast. I premiered the video Freakshow that night on a large projector screen then the band busted right into it live. It was quite an exciting entrance. You can now see the Freakshow video online. Just scroll down to the video section. It was directed by Josh Franer. There are also three other live videos Josh shot and edited from the Spike Hill show. See them all at the video section. I will need to you to vote for Freakshow in January. More details to come. Enjoy.

If you’re free on Sunday, Dec 7th, I’m playing two songs from The Beatles on the very amazing twelve hour Beatle fest. The show is from 12 noon till Midnight. I play at about 9:30. Click here for more info. www.forthebenefitofmrbuffet.blogspot.com

Big show at Rockwood Music Hall on Monday, December 22nd, at 10pm. Rockwood is my most favorite place to play and I’m really excited about this show. I’ll have the full band consisting of Felipe on drums, Ricardo on bass, and the beautiful Xue, and Fra on cello, and violin. The Rock is located at 196 Allen St. NYC.

Please come join us for this last show before I hit the road with Chubby Checker on December 24. I’ll be back from the tour just in time for my next show which will be on Monday, January 5th, at 8:30. We’ll be playing a show at 508 Lounge. This is a beautiful place with just the right setting for an intimate full band acoustic show. The show is called “Acoustic Stories.” I’ll talk about the songs and the inspiration behind them before we perform them. The show will be broadcasted live via the internet on www.rockmetv.com . This will be a full band show with strings and all. Be a part of this very special night. The address is 508 9th Ave (btw 38th & 39th St). Please be there by 8 to get a seat. There will lots of cameras and they’re on at 8:30.

Please get your free download of my new song Vampires and read some press I’ve gotten about it at the press section at www.jerrycherry.com

See you there. Ah ah ah





Dear Cherries…

I hope your fall season has been lovely and beautiful. I have some very exciting news: I will be premiering my brand new video “Freakshow, ” on a big screen, and performing live at Fontana’s on Tuesday, November 25th at 9pm. Video Director Josh Franer edited the video while on tour filming Brendan James for MTV. He’s very talented and I’m very happy with the way the video came out. “Freakshow” will be entered in a contest that I’m going to need you to vote for it. The contest will begin in early December and run for the whole month before they pick a winner. I could win thousands of dollars. Who can’t use that, right? Click the “Freakshow” banner at the top right of this site. There you can get all the info on how to see the video and vote. The video might premiere on Hit Records Night Life Video, MNN ch56, New York prior to the live show. More on that to come.

Come celebrate the premiere and catch us live. We will be a power trio that night. It’ll be Ricardo, me, and were breaking a new boy, Jon Deleon on drums. You’ll have to wait till next time to see the girls. It won’t be pretty but it will be Cherry. Fontana’s is located at the edge of Chinatown on the Lower East Side at 105 Eldridge (btw Broom & Grand). The place is cool. Very rocking. Its 21+ to enter and $8 to see the bands downstairs. I hope to see your faces on this very special night.

In Cherry coverage, I’m on the cover of Indie Sounds NY. Wow. That’s very special to me. Please read that interview as well as new interviews, reviews, Hit Records TV interview, TV shows w/Chubby Checker, & Matched in Manhattan. Get it all at the Press section of the new improved www.jerrycherry.com . And while you’re here don’t forget to get your free download of my song “Vampires.”

Take Caro,



Hello Cherries,

First off I want to thank everyone that came out to the Spike Hill show. It was a very cool show. We had such a blast filming the live portion of my video for “Freakshow.” The rest of the video was filmed the next day at Soldier McGee’s, a really cool bar on the upper west side. The video for “Freakshow” will be up on a website soon and I’m going to ask everyone to check it out and vote for it. More details to come.

I am the featured artist of the day at www.penseyeview.com . Please check it out today because it might be the only day you can. Writer Richie Frieman did a wonderful Q & A session with me. It’s Very Cherry cool.

I recently did a phone interview called “Talk Is Cheap” with Jeff Clark. You can listen in at www.poprockcandymountain.com

Thank you to everyone who downloaded my new song “Vampires.” It is available free for everyone at www.jerrycherry.com Please except this gift and tell your friends.
I’m off to Carnegie Hall to see my string section Xue and Fra perform which poses the question, how do you get to Carnegie Hall?



Fontana’s, Tues, Nov 25th, NYC
Rockwood Music Hall, Mon, Dec 22nd, NYC



Good evening Cherries,

Merry Halloween show tonight at Spike Hill. I am giving away a free download of my new song “Vampires.” You can have a listen now at www.jerrycherry.com or www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband. It’s real easy to get your free download. Click the Vampire link at the top right of my website. Enter the passcode that I’ll give away at the show tonight at Spike Hill and tommorrow at PALV.

Bundle up baby. It’s cold tonight. Let me warm you up.

Big show tonight at Spike Hill tonight, October 29th, at 10:20PM. My full band will be filming the live portion of my upcoming video for my song “Freakshow.” Spike Hill is located at 184 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. Take the L train to Bedford Ave.

This part of the email is a trip. Does anybody have bad eyes? Need laser surgery? Park Avenue Laser Vision (PALV) is introducing their “Perfect Vision Party.” This month's party has a Halloween theme and I will be performing an acoustic solo show from 5 to 6PM. I’ll be giving away free downloads to “Vampires” there as well. The address is 122 E. 25th St. @ Park Ave. The party is Thurs, Oct 30th.

Au revoir,




Hola! Cherries,

I want to thank everybody for the amazing night we had at Rockwood Music Hall. There are pics and video from that show to reminisce with, including some pics from my latest photo shoot at www.jerrycherry.com. B.J. Barrett even wrote a great blog about it for her B-Line Entertainment Blog. While you're at my site, see the press section for some funny Q&A with Pete Harris of Indie Sounds.

Now Hear This!!! I have a very big show coming up at Spike Hill on Wednesday, October 29th, at 10:20PM. Weird time, huh? It’s very special for a few reasons. First, it’s my first show in Brooklyn since my birth. Secondly, my full band will be filming the live portion of my upcoming video for my song “Turned Around.” Thirdly, I’ll be giving away a free download of my new song “Vampires” that I just finished recording in the studio. We’ll also be recording a live video of that song, as well as my song "Freakshow." Fourthly, if you happen to be at Spike Hill, pick up a copy of the new local mag U Groove. There is a great feature on yours truly in there. Lastly, It’s Halloween early in New York. Come be a part of the madness. Spike Hill is located at 184 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. Take the L train to Bedford Ave.

This part of the email is a trip. Does anybody have bad eyes? Need laser surgery? Park Avenue Laser Vision (PALV) is introducing their “Perfect Vision Party.” Hosted by owner Emil Chynn, these monthly parties answer questions and help to alleviate anxiety in people about the procedure. This month's party has a Halloween theme and I will be performing an acoustic solo show from 5 to 6PM. I’ll be giving away free downloads to “Vampires” there as well. The address is 122 E. 25th St. @ Park Ave S.

Lastly, I would love for you to vote for me for a good cause. I’m trying to muster up some votes so that I can be on a special compilation CD. This CD is being created to be sold to provide money to assist people suffering from AIDS in South Africa. Go to www.alivewithclive.tv, check out the top 20 and vote for Jerry Cherry.



Jerry Cherry on Jerry Cherry | Facebook (New to this so fan me)


JC. Rockwood Music Hall Mon Oct 6

Hello, my favorite Cherries.

I'm playing at at Rockwood Music Hall on Mon Oct 6, at 11pm. It’s a full band show with Jamie Alegre on Drums, and Ricardo Rodriguez on bass. Xue Yang on cello, Francesca Mikaela on violin and Dave Smith on trumpet. Best of all, its free with a one drink min. Rockwood Music Hall is located at 196 Allen St (Btw Houston & Stanton). Take the F/V to 2nd Ave. It’s going to be a terrific night. We’d love to see you.




PS: Momma Cherry will be there.


Jerry Cherry The Today Show link

Hello Cherries,

If you missed the Today Show today, click on link below to see the performance.
Then Click “Chubby Checker does The Twist.”

Upcoming free shows:
Rockwood Music Hall Oct 6, at 11pm. NYC (Full Band)
Spike Hill on Oct 29, at 10:20pm. Brooklyn (Full Band)




The Today Show tomorrow.

Hello sweet things,

Third time is a charm. Sorry about the confusion with the air time of the show. I’m 99.9% positive that it will be on tomorrow morning, Thursday Sept 18th. The NBC Today Show airs from 7-11am eastern standard time. Check your local listings. If you miss it, I’ll have video footage on my website soon for you to checkout.

Next show is at Rockwood Music Hall on Oct 6, at 11pm. I’m very excited about this full band show. Mark your calendars now.




Hello Cherries,

I will be playing guitar on The Today Show on NBC with Chubby Checker
Fri, Sept 12. The show is live from 7 to 11 AM. We'll be performing two
songs sometime in between. Get up early and tune in.

New Show: I'll be back at Rockwood Music Hall on Mon, Oct 6th, at
11 PM. This will be a full band show. I'm very excited. Look at me.




Hello Cherries,

Rise and shine. Now hear this!!! You’ve heard the hype. You’ve seen the CBS Early Show video. You know I’ve been on tour playing guitar for him. Here is the chance you’ve all been waiting for. Come see me play with Chubby Checker for free at J&R Music located at 23 Park Row (across from City Hall Park) NYC. We hit the stage at 12 noon until 1 pm today, August 19th. Bring your Momma, and your Daddy, your kids, your dog. Everybody loves the Chub. And if you work, bring your boss. You guy’s are going to love this.

See you there,




Dear Cherries,

Happy 8-8-08. I want to thank you for coming out to my show at Rockwood Music Hall. I had a great time playing. I felt like as a band, we poured our hearts out. The audience was very receptive and I enjoyed the connection very much. If you missed the show or just want to reminisce, I posted some pictures in the pic section below for your red round eyes. You can also see video from the show of my new song “Vampires” by scrowling down to the video section.

In other news, I have a show with Chubby Checker right here in New York City on August 19th at 12 noon. The show is In-Store at J & R Music @ Park Row. The address is 23 Park Row. NYC, (across from City Hall Park). You kids will love this rocking fun show. I’ll be on the road for the rest of August but expect a Jerry Cherry show in New York in September.

See you soon,





Dear Cherries,

I am playing Rockwood Music Hall tonight, Monday, August 4th, at 10 pm. I’m Very Cherry excited about this show. I have a few new songs I'll be unleashing with the full band. I have Felipe Torres on Drums, Andy Stack on bass, and Xue Yang on the cello. This will be my last NYC show in August before I hit the road for the rest of the month with Chubby Checker so come out and show your plump red faces. Jerry Cherry Jerry Cherry Jerry Cherry Jerry Cherry Jerry Cherry Jerry Cherry

Rockwood is located at 196 Allen St. NYC

See you there, Ah ah ah,




Hello Cherries. I’m getting ready to hop on the bus Gus to Cleveland for a show at The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame this Wednesday the 23rd with Chubby Checker. I will also be playing full concert with Chubby at a festival in Abingdon, Virginia this Saturday the 26th called the Highlands Festival which is super sweet. Look for another New York City TV appearance this Friday the 25th. I’m not sure which TV show it is yet but I will let you know ASAP. If you didn't catch the CBS Early Show Saturday morning, click the link below.


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for these upcoming Jerry Cherry shows:
July 28, at 7 pm at Nuyorican Poets Café 3rd st (Btw A & B)
This will be an acoustic set with me and Xue Yung on the Cello.
Fundraiser for a new theater company called Zen Baby. $10.
(proceeds go to benefit Zenbaby Theatre's upcoming production of "Land of the Dolls" by Kristine Hipps); Zenbaby Theatre presents Summer Treasure Chest Showcase, featuring musical acts T.J. Moss and Jerry Cherry, comedy by Zenbaby Theatre, a raffle, skits and videos.

August 4, 10 pm at Rockwood Music Hall 196 Allen St. (Btw Houston & Stanton)
Full band set with Felipe Torres on drums, Andy Stack on bass, Xue Yang on Cello.
What can I say? “The Rock” Free.

May love be with you,




Hello my fine fellow Cherries, especially Wakey Wakey:

. CBS Early Show, Saturday, July 19th
. Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, Wednesday, July 23rd
. Rockwood Music Hall, Monday, August 4th

Just a few of some of the great things happening: I will be on TV
playing guitar for the legendary Chubby Checker, live, this Saturday
morning, July 19th from 7 AM until 9 AM on the CBS Early Show. We will
be playing 3 songs thoughout the show. The band consists of yours
truly on guitar, Gary Leftowith on guitar, my drummer and bassist
Felipe Torres and Ricardo Rodriguez, and last but never least, Jamie Rae
and Candy Gemelle on backround vocals. It's a family affair. It is such a treat to play with such an amazing performer as Chubby Checker. You have to tune in and see this show. Get up early or set your tivo. Here is a link to find out when you can watch the show based on what city/state you're in.


In other great news: I will be playing with Chubby on Wednesday, July
23rd, at 6:30 PM at FYE inside the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame in
Cleveland. I'm very excited about this CD release show for his new
record "All The Best," which included his new hit single "Knock Down
The Walls."

Big show at Rockwood Music Hall, Monday, August 4th, at 10 PM: I will
be performing your favorite JC songs as well as a few new ones. Felipe
Torres will be playing drums, Andy Stack on the bass, and back from
wonderland is Xue Yang on the Cello. Yay. It's very exciting to play
The Rock for the first time since October. I look forward to seeing all
your round red beautiful faces there.

You can hear Jerry Cherry and more of New York's finest music on one
of the best internet stations on the planet at www.harrisradio.com.




Hello Cherries,

Long time no speak. I have been out of commission for the last 3 weeks
due to a small case of walking pneumonia. I'm happy to say that I'm
feeling much better and I'm getting out and back to my normal self. A
special thanks to all my friends and family who helped and offered to
help me when I couldn't get out bed.

"The show must go on." I've posted some videos from my last few shows
on YouTube. The first video is from May 19th at The National
Underground. I performed my new song titled "Lost" with Xue Yang on
cello, and Rich Hinman on pedal steel guitar. Click on this link to see
the performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHuCB9zW45Y. The second
video is from May 20th at "The Scene" at the Delancey. I performed my
song "The Rules" unplugged. Click here to see:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hnpglOrIx8. You can also go to
www.jerrycherry.com to see pics from the last few shows. Enjoy.

My next full band show in New York City will be on August 4th, 10PM, at
Rockwood Music Hall. The great Felipe Torres will be playing drums, and
Andy Stack will be playing bass. Andy is an amazing singer/songwriter.
Please check out both Felipe's and Andy's links below. I hope to see
all your pretty faces at the show.

Kisses, thanks, and love,



P.S. See my friend Jamie Rae at Rockwood Music Hall, Fri June 20, at 8PM


I’m playing at “The Scene” at The Delancey tonight at Midnight. This is a great night of music that starts at 10pm. I will be performing about 5 songs on acoustic. There are many other great people playing this night so come down and check it out. It goes real late. The Delancey is located at 169 Delancey Street at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge. Take the F to Delancey St. Thank you to everyone that came to The National Underground last night. What a great time.

Ya baby,

See you tonight,



I want to thank everybody for coming out to my show at Piano’s. It was a great success. It’s wonderful that you’re all so supportive of Jerry Cherry and the entire music scene in New York. Yes, that was me speaking in the second person.

Great things will turn out because of this show, as well as they do at all shows. As artist’s, we strive constantly to perform our songs passionately, and deliver “The Meaning” the best we can. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

I’ve discovered an amazing club called The Underground in recent months. Sunday nights there are amazing. Monday nights are from another planet. Shayne Rae and Kevin Kinney host a night of music there that is simply unbelievable. A down-home soulful night of performances that captivate me every time. I will be playing there Monday, May 19th sometime during the night. Come out and see what I’m talking about. My great friend Jeremiah Burnbaum it playing there this Monday, May 12th. I’ll be there.

Ok, my Cherries. I’ll keep you informed on up and coming events and adventures.
Until then.

Ta ta,



All My Cherries,

Big show at Piano's, Friday, May 9th. This is a very special event called "Songwriters From Hell VI." It will feature 9 acoustic performances which will run about 25 minutes apiece. I will be performing that night accompanied by Xue Yang on Cello and Francesca Mikaela on violin. The show starts at 8 PM. Jerry Cherry un-pitted hits the stage at Midnight. Come early! You won't want to miss this incredible night of music.

Piano's is located at 158 Ludlow St (@ Stanton) in the LES. $10 to get in. Take the F train to 2nd Ave.

News Flash!!! Please go to www.jerrycherry.com. There is some new press I've received about the last few shows and radio airplay. Also see pics from the final Late Night and the Moby Jam.

Here is the list of Songwriters From Hell at Piano's, in order of

Steve Bag
The Belt of Venus
Tris McCall
Erika Simonian
Mishka Shubaly
Jerry Cherry

See you there, my plump, stemmed friends,




Hello, Cherries...

I hope everyone is doing great. Spring is in the air and so is the
smell of cherries. I want to thank you for coming out to the Don Hill's
show last week. You can now see video of that show at
www.jerrycherry.com. The video is of a new song called "Wrecking Ball."
Its just Me, Xue, and Fra, a trio, some would call it. I hope you enjoy

I'm playing this Monday night, April 21st, at The National
Underground. Every Monday night is Shayni Rae's Truckstop, a night of
song swappin' with Kevin Kinney of the band Drivin n' Cryin. I've been
performing solo there the past few Mondays. I was invited with my band
to play a few songs to open the night at 9PM. Come see me along with
Felipe Torres and Ricardo Rodriguez to start off an amazing night of
music. Then stick around for The Madison Square Gardeners who are an
amazing band. Then the one and only Kevin Kinney performs along with
friends till 2AM. He's great. The vibe there is great on this night.
You really should see it.

The National Underground is located at 159 E Houston, (@Allen). Just
take the F to 2nd Ave. Hope to see you.

Another show to mark on your calendars is Friday, May 9th at Piano's.
It's Songwriters from Hell VI. Sounds like a horror flick or a
Slasher film doesn't it?
I'll keep you posted.
Till then, don't go to sleep or Freddy will get you.

Ta Ta,



Hello, Cherries

Thank you to everyone who came out to Don Hill’s last Thursday night. The sound was so good there it’s like we were at the freakin Garden. You can see pics from that show as well as pics from the last few shows including the Chubby Checker show at www.jerrycherry.com . If you missed it, that’s ok. We’re doing it again this Friday, April 11th, 8pm, at Don Hill’s. It will be a full band show with Felipe on drums, Ricardo on bass, Xue and Francesca on classic strings, Dave on trumpet, and my good friend Alvin Walker on the Trombone. I have a good feeling that my friend Jamie Rae is going to sing “Turned Around” with me. I’ll definitely be there for that. Don Hill’s is located at 511 Greenwich St, (corner of Spring and Greenwich). Take the ACE to Spring St, or the 1 to Canal.

Here is a list of bands performing with me on Friday starting with the band Bleak from London and ending with a Led Zeppelin tribute band.

7:15 Bleak www.myspace/bleakandblue
8:pm Jerry Cherry and the Plonkers www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband
8:45 Tim Foglian www.myspace.com/timfoglian
9:30 Set Authority www.myspace/setauthority
10:15 Matthew K www.myspace.com/thesadbastardelite
11:pm Triboro www.myspace.com/teebeerow
12:pm The Song Remains The Same www.myspace.comthesongremainsthesame44

Come early, stay late. It’s the freakin weekend lets have us some fun.



Dear Cherries...

I am pleased to announce to you that I am performing Thursday, March
27th, at 9 PM at Don HIll's. This show is brought to you by the one
and only Queen V. Queen V is campaigning to resuscitate the spirit of
New York City through monthly live music events by rallying people to
recognize, remember and celebrate the lost NYC underground and to give
something back to those in our city who are in need. Proceeds will be
donated to benefit the homeless in NYC. Please join Queen V and her
usual circle of staple NYC notables, musicians and people who love
music. You never know who might show up and jump onstage to "TAKE BACK

Jerry Cherry (full band) will be hitting the stage at 9 PM. There is a
bit of a twist in the band on this night. Jamie Alegre will be playing
drums, Ricardo Rodrigues will be playing bass. Xue and Fra now have
pickups on their instruments so you can actually hear how amazing they
are on cello and violin. So sad Felipe can't make this one, but very
happy to have another great drummer in Jamie. Ricardo will be
performing with us for the first time since the CD release show at The
Bitter End. Very excited to have him play.

There will be an all-star jam session after Queen V's set around
midnight or so. It will be a bunch of rockers playing some of your
favorite hard rock songs, including yours truly, Me. Rumor has it that
Brad Whitford from Aerosmith will be jamming too. Fun.

Don Hill's is located at 511 Greenwich St in Soho NYC. Take A C E to
Spring St, or the 1 to Canal.

See you there, ah ah ah



Hello, my fine stemmed friends,

I want to thank everyone who came out to The Annex show. We had such a great time and I hope you did as well. I will have some pictures and video from that show up on my website soon. The show was video taped by Marc David. Check out these YouTube links to see the great video editing that Marc did with 2 cameras It's real cool. Here are the links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgBgAfk0QTE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCaPPyAzPB0&feature=related

In other interesting news, I played guitar for the one and only legendary Chubby Checker. We did a show on Thursday, March 6th. It was amazing. Some songs from the set included "Limbo Rock," "The Twist," and his new hit single "Knock Down The Walls." The man has an energy that is very contagious. I look forward to doing it again.

Ok. Many great shows coming up.

Saturday, March 8th, 8:30 The National Underground (solo acoustic ) Great new venue owned by Gavin Degraw
159 East Houston (btw Allen & Eldridge ) LES, NYC, free

Sunday, March 16th, 11pm The Sidewalk Cafe ( solo acoustic set ) Lets get Antifolk
94 Avenue A ( at 6th St ) East Village NYC, drink min

Thursday, March 27th, 9pm Don Hill's (full band show 4 songs ) "Take Back New York" Brought to you by Queen V
511 Greenwich St. ( at Spring St ) SoHo NYC, suggested $10 donation for the homeless. Min $5.

Friday, April 11th, 8pm Don Hill's ( full band show ) Big Big show. Not Little Little show. $10.

Last but not least there was a great review of my CD "Life Is Sweeter..." written by Jocelyn Mackenzie in the new BOOG CITY. Scroll down to the press section to read it.

That's all boys and girls. See ya soon.



Hello, Cherries
You can now see my episode of "Matched in Manhattan" on-line. Just click on this link
http://videos.mylifetime.com/?fr_chl=a6459d69b9cbaa56ed47933bd51436202d369083&rf=sitemap Once you are on the page, you'll see episode 5, segment's 1,2,and 3. Just click on them and enjoy the full episode. Another way to do it would be to go to http://www.mylifetime.com/ Click on the On TV link, click Shows - Full Episodes and navigate to "Matched In Manhattan." Don't forget to leave a comment about the episode. Enjoy the show.




Hello, Cherries

Here is the latest-most-up-to-datest: I have a show coming up at The Annex
on Monday, February 25th at 10:30 PM ($8 cover). The Annex is located at 152
Orchard St. (btw Rivington & Stanton). This is going to be a great show. The
Annex is a true lower east side rock venue with an amazing sound system.
Other great bands performing that night are Brett Conti, Myriad, Local
Melons, and Frog. Get there early and rock all night. Jerry Cherry consists
of Felipe Torres on drums, Jamie Alegre on bass, Xue Yang on cello,
Francesca Mikaela on violin, Jason Colby on trumpet, and Jerry on plonker.
Come hear the debut of our new song.

I hope you enjoyed watching me on "Matched In Manhattan." If you didn't get
a chance to see it on TV, I will notify you shortly as to how and when you
can view it. Please read and leave comments about the show on their web
site... Just go to www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows/matched-manhattan.
There's some funny stuff posted there about the show.

"Turned Around" is getting airplay on many radio stations across America. In
just three weeks it's climbing the charts. The request lines are buzzing and
we're getting great responses. Ya baby.

More tracks from "Life Is Sweeter..." are also getting airplay in Germany.
Check out DJ Ottic's site at www.alooga.de/. While you're online, listen to
New York's finest bands at www.harrisradio.com/.

There was a great review written about "Life Is Sweeter." by Jocelyn
Mackenzie in the new BOOG CITY. You can pick up a copy at The Sidewalk Cafe
or other fine music venues. I'll have it posted on www.jerrycherry.com soon.
Below is The Annex schedule and the bands' links. That's all for now. We
hope to see you there.


7:30pm Brett Conti. www.myspace.com/brettconti
8:15pm Myriad. www.myspace.com/myriad
9pm Local Melons. www.myspace.com/localmelons
9:45pm Frog. www.myspace.com/frognyc
10:30pm Jerry Cherry. www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband



Hey Cherries!!!

It's Jerry...

I was interviewed by Josh Witte from KCAJ, Wild 102 FM in Roseau, MN. The
show aired on February 8th. If you missed it you can hear it by going to
jerrycherry.com and clicking on the latest press link, or you can just click
here: http://www.jerrycherry.com/music/wild102fm_4interview.mp3

Don't forget! I'll be on TV Thursday night, Valentines Day, on Lifetime. The
show is called "Matched In Manhattan." My 2 episodes air at 6:30 and 7:30.
Don't miss it.

Also!!! I have a show at The Annex on Monday, February 25th, at 10:30. The
Annex is located at 152 Orchard St (btw Rivington & Stanton). The Annex is
an amazing rock club with a kick ass sound system. It will be a full band
show with Felipe, Jamie, Xue, and Fra and we'll be playing some new tunes.

Indie Sound NY has put up a cool video of Xue and me performing an acoustic
version of "Turned Around." You can check it out at this link:




Dear Cherries,

I am on 2 episodes of the new reality series "Matched in Manhattan" on Lifetime Networks. This show stars relationship expert Matt Titus, a "dating agent" who works with singles in New York looking for true love. My first episode, which is the main one, airs on Thursday, February 14th at 6:30 PM, and my second episode will air shortly after at 7:30 pm. Please tune in. You can also watch my episodes online at http://www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows/matched-manhattan.




Hello, Cherries...

I want to inform you that my episode of Matched In Manhattan on Lifetime Networks has been postponed. It will not air on February 1st. The show will have a new promotional campaign starting Valentines day. My episode will air toward the end of February or the beginning of March. I will notify you of the new air date as soon as I know. Break out some popcorn and enjoy this very entertaining show. I promise you will enjoy it.




I want to thank everyone who came to my last few shows at Snitch and "The
Scene." We had a blast and I hope you did too. Video and pics from those
shows can now be seen at www.jerrycherry.com. One of the three new videos I
posted features me covering David Bowie on his 60th B-day. Enjoy.

It looks like the episode of the TV show "Matched in Manhattan" on Lifetime
Networks which I'm on will air Fri, February 1st, at 8:30 pm. As we get closer
I'll know for sure. You can see the first few episodes of the show at
http://www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows/matched-manhattan It's very funny.
Check it out.

I've launched a radio campaign that sent my album "Life Is Sweeter..." to
many major radio stations across America. I'll update you with stations in
your town so you can call in and make requests. Thanks for tuning in. I wish you all the best in this upcoming year.

Till we meet again,



Hello Cherries,

I'm performing at "The Scene" at The Delancey tonight, Jan 8th, at 10:30. The address
is 168 Delancey St. (at Clinton) NYC. Just take the F train to Delancey and
walk toward the Williamsburgh Bridge. I will be playing an acoustic set with
special guest Xue Yung on Cello. Hope you can come out. It's also David
Bowie's birthday. We need to celebrate. "The Scene" is a really cool place
with a great vibe. It's quaint, candle lit and it even has a fireplace. Come
and hang out. It's a great scene.

I'll meet you there. Ah ah ah.



Dear Cherries,

I've received a few emails from friends/artist/bands this New Year
thanking everybody for supporting them throughout the year. They also
mentioned their achievements in '07 and things to look forward to in '08. I
really enjoyed reading all of those emails, so now, without completely
ripping them off, I will attempt to do the same exact thing.

The year started off with me thinking that my album that I started to record
one month earlier was on track for a May release. Wow, that didnt happen. I
just knew I wanted to make a great record. It's not that I wanted to take my
time with it, it's just that the craziest things transpired in the process.
Producing an album was much harder than I thought. The delay of the record
led to my getting out and performing more. I took gigs in the strangest
places, like Spaghetti Western in Tribecca. That show was actually really
fun if you were there to remember. In June I booked my first CD release
show. Because the album wasn't finished, I had to release a 6-song EP. Oh,
let's not forget the ice cream for all who came. As the months rolled by and
"Life Is Sweeter..." seemed like it would never be finished, I continued to
perform. I played at various clubs around NYC like Arlene's Grocery, The
Delancey, The Lions Den, The Knitting Factory, The Bitter End, Rockwood
Music Hall, Club Midway, and Snitch.

As you can see the year was moving along. While playing these shows and
getting out there, I met some new friends and strengthened existing
friendships. All the Late Night at Rockwood shows have been a treat for me.
Lauren Joniks has really helped me with her support by writing articles
about me in Indie Sounds and snapping some great pics. Pete Harris has
promoted and played my music on Harrisradio. Dawn plays my music on Best
Hits Radio Tuesday mornings. Chris McMillen from Engine Room Audio
interviewed me. Performing with and watching great artists like Jamie Rae,
The Ramblers, The Rich Girls, and Dan Torres was always a treat. I was
blessed to have an amazing band, also known as The Plonkers. They are Felipe
Torres on Drums, Jamie Alegre and Ricardo Rodrigues on Bass, David Smith on
Trumpet, Xue Yang Liu on Cello, Francesca Dardini on Violin. Thank you guys
for bringing The Cherry to life. Big thanks to Mike Rogers for making sure
my I made a great album with his amazing ears and skills behind the mixing
board. Huge thanks to Scott Spooner for his Graphic Design skills on the
record, website, flyers, and everything else. Everyone at Engine Room Audio
for a great job helping me finish this record and getting me the hell out of

Some other things that happened along the '07 journey: a full CD release
party at The Bitter End; passing the first round of the Williamsburg
Songwriting Contest; making it into the top 10 list of 2007 by IndieSounds
Mag - a very prestigious list it is; Being filmed for a TV show called
"Matched In Manhattan" on Lifetime Network; and, finally, completing my
debut album "Life Is Sweeter..." which you can purchace on my website and on

All in all, '07 was a productive year for Jerry Cherry. Thanks to all my
friends, fans, and family for their support throughout the year. Together we make it
happen. Now to completely rip off my friends/artists/bands' emails: Here are
some things to look forward to in '08: More promotion, radio play, live
shows. You'll think there are 6 of me. Oh, plus the TV show I'm on called
"Matched in Manhattan" will air Friday, Febuary 1st, at 9:30 on Lifetime.
Here's one more for you: I'm performing at "The Scene" at The Delancey, 168
Delancey St. (at Clinton) this Tuesday, January 8th, at 10:30. It will be an
acoustic set with with me and Xue Yung on Cello. Hope you can come out.
Happy New Year everyone. I hope your year is filled with Cherries and
everything that's Sweeter...



Hello Cherries,

Here is a little treat for you. I have two unmastered songs from my debut album up on www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband. The album will be finished on May 9th. More songs will be posted after that. I am happy to say that after five long, cold monthes working on it, I am finally finished. The album will be released at the begining of June and there will be a show on June 6th. Have a little taste. I hope you like.



Dear Cherries,

I’m very excited to announce that My debut album will be released in early May. Please check out my website, and www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband in early April for a preview of some on the songs from the album. Also, get ready for a huge CD release show at the end of May. Thank you very much for checking out the site.



Hello Cherries,

I just wanted to let you know that my debut album is coming along nicely and
is on schedule for May release. It sounds amazing and I'm very proud of
it. I've put a lot of hard work into all the songs so I hope you all really
enjoy this album when it comes out.

I have a Solo show this Saturday night, February 3rd, at Spaghetti Western.
It's located at 59 Reade Street in TriBeCa, in between Broadway and Church
Street. Showtime is 10 PM. I don't know much about this place other than they've
been having music there for the past month. They want to have a cool music
vibe that's good for musicians to perform without the some plonker manager
making it hard for them. That sounds good to me.

See you there,



Hello, Cherries... The London tour was amazing. Night after night we roamed
the streets of London, performing at various venues, kabob restaurants, and
wherever else we could play. One of the highlights of the tour was being
asked to perform at "The Original Songwriters" showcase at The Orange Club,
London's premier singer/songwriter showcase venue. Thanks to Pam and Kristen
for the invite. A professional DVD of my performance was made there. Look
for that on the website soon. The response from the people in London was
amazing. Londoners have a very deep appreciation for music. I felt very
welcomed. All of the shows were video taped and I've posted a few clips in
the video section of my website for your viewing pleasure. The videos are of
three new songs, so hear them here first. I also posted some new pics from
the tour, plus really cool pics from a Dan Torres show back in June. Check
out the Press section for some new stuff, for example, a pic of a funny
surprise moment that occurred when I noticed an advertisement for one of my
London shows as I was glancing through a magazine.

I start recording my first full length album on November 30th. It's being
recorded at The Engine Room Studios in China Town. The record will be a good
mix of heavy mellow music. Wow! Did I just coin a new phrase? I would love
for the album to be done by the end of the year but you know how that goes.
January sounds more realistic.

Ok...(read this in your best Cockney accent): Go down to the bottom, make a
right, go to the top. Get your meat, cook it up. I don't know.
I guess what I'm saying is, don't be a Plonker.



Hello, Cherries.

Some really cool news going on in the world of Jerry Cherry. I will be
touring London starting Sunday, October 8th. Please check out my website for
the dates. There are also some new videos from this past Lit show, and some
new pictures from the past few shows that I've done including Lit, and a few
Dan Torres shows. Please scroll down to see.

Stuff to look forward to: In London, some of the shows will be recorded so
I'll be able to post some new songs performed live for you all to hear. All
the shows will be video taped so you'll feel like you were there with Jerry
Cherry. All this stuff will be on my website when I return at the end of

On another note, in November I start recording my first full length album.
It's taken my whole lifetime up to this point to write. I really feel I
finally have all the songs I need to make a great first record. Look for
that by Christmas.

Well, as they say in the mother country...





Hello, Cherries...
I have some very exciting events coming up. I have a big show at Lit on
Tuesday, September 5th at 9:30 PM. The cool thing about this night at Lit
besides Jerry Cherry's music(some old, mostly new) is that there will be
FREE BEER from 9:30 to 10:30. You can drink all the way through the show. We
will sound great by the end of the show, "I guarantee it." Lit is located
right smack in the middle of the East Village at 93 2nd Ave (Btwn 5th and
6th St.). Julia from the Angelic Bombs/Dan Torres Band is on drums, and
Ricardo from the Dan Torres band is on Bass. I'm so excited I'm oozing with
fruit flavor.

Another cool thing is that I will be hosting an open mic night at The Three
of Cups on Sunday 8-27. This is a one- shot deal. My friend Drew who runs it
every Sunday will be in California and asked me to fill in. For those of you
who don't know this, I hosted an open mic at The Satalite Bar for almost a
year. I hope to see all of the great players and friends that came during
that time. The show will run from 10 PM to 4 AM. First come, first play, and
then play again. Fun, Fun, Fun for the whole family.

And another cool thing is that I have some new shows with Dan Torres. You
might not know this but when I play with Dan Torres I go by the name Jerry
James. It's just part of my identify crisis. We have a show at the Pussycat
Lounge located at 96 Greenwich (@ Rector) NYC on Tuesday, September 22nd, at
9 PM. Then we have a CD release party at Crash Mansion on September 27th.
That will be a blast.



Why, Hello Cherries.
Lots of cool stuff to tell ya about. First, let's start out by announcing
the first Jerry Cherry show with a full band in New York City, ever. Yes,
I'm very excited about it. On drums, the incredible Tom Kozumplik, and on bass, the
astonishing Mr. Ricardo Rodriguez. The band is very hot. The show is at
Rockwood Music Hall on Monday, May 15th at 9:30 PM. The address is 196 Allen
St. New York City, Between E. Houston and Stanton. Rockwood Music Hall is a
very small, intimate venue. 40 people and the place is packed. I also want
to thank everybody for their positive feedback on my last recordings of "Big
City Life," and "Worst Looking Man." I will be performing some new songs at
the show that will be recorded very soon. Hear them first.

On another note, I'm playing guitar with an incredible singer named John
Anthony with a full band. John's music is very versatile. His voice is like
Freddie Mercury... no kidding. Check out his website:
www.johnanthonymusic.com The show is at Kenny's Castaway on Thursday, May
4th at 7 PM in the heart of Greenwich Village. The address is 157 Bleeker
Street, NYC

Last but not least, I'm really looking forward to this show: I'm playing
with the amazing Dan Torres at Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday, June 3rd, at
10:30 PM. Dan never ceases to amaze me. Hear for yourself.
www.myspace.com/dantorres This is the first show with Dan in a while. There
will be many great bands there that night. Get there early.

As you can see I've been a busy boy. See you at the shows...




Dear Cherries,

This message is brought to you by the new & improved, updated jerrycherry.com. You'll love it. You'll just eat it up. What makes jerrycherry.com better you ask? There are new photos taken by my friend -Mar-, some new songs recorded right here in New York City, and whew, a brand new scent. And if you act now, I'll even throw in this free link to get to www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband. You get not one, but two websites for the price of one. Act now while supplies last. No purchase necessary. Details inside.



Hello Cherries. I just finished recording two songs at the Amazing Engine Room Studios. Please go to www.myspace.com/jerrycherryband for a listen. The new songs and pictures from a photo shoot that I did with -Mar- from South Florida will be added to a completely revamped http://www.jerrycherry.com/ coming next week. Enjoy the songs.

I'm also playing tonight with Dan Torres. The show is at Love Sexy's Rock & Roll Pub @ Blaggards located at 8 West 38th St. NYC The show is Saturday, January 7th 9:30 pm. The show is a Buzz Band Search. Dans music is a few notches different from mine but the combination is extraordinary. Dans in the studio now recording an album. Look for that real soon. You can hear some of his stuff at www.myspace.com/dantorres

See you at the show,



Don't be shocked, but when I play guitar with Dan Torres, the amazing
singer/songwriter, I go by Jerry James, which was my stage name when I
played guitar with the Nocturnals. It was a similar sound and a similar role
for me, and it seems fitting.

You have to come check out Dan's show - the songs are really intense
(similar to Jeff Buckley and the band 'Ours,' I'd say). The show is Tuesday
night at 10:30 PM at Rockwood Music Hall. 196 Allen St. (Btwn East Housten
and Stanton), New York City, NY

This is a full band show, amazing musicians all. I've been spending a lot of
time working on these songs, and I'm very excited about this show. I'd love
for you to come check us out.

Come early, there are two great female singers performing before us. Heather Christian goes on at 8:30 and Paula Valstein goes on at 9:30. Doors are at 8 pm. No cover.

Jerry James (Cherry)


Dear Cherries,

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. There has been some cool stuff going
on in Cherry Land. First of all, I've started on my new recording. I
couldn't find a drummer to play on my record to save my life, so I broke out
the drum machine to do it myself. Then, as soon as I break out the machine,
I find an incredible drummer. Isn't that crazy? See how that happens? His
name is Riley Sumala. You can also hear him "Bust His
Cherry" on Tuesday nights because he is also a singer/guitarist.

So you'll finally be able to hear my new songs. We rehearsed the other day
and Riley makes the songs sound better than I could've imagined. I'm very
excited about that. Another really cool development is that I met an
incredible singer named Dan Torres at my "Bust Your Cherry" night. I wound
up learning a few of Dan's songs and performed them last Tuesday night at my
open mic. It was so much fun that Dan asked me to perform a few more songs
with him this Wednesday night at The Sidewalk Cafe. The show is Wednesday,
October 19th @ 9:30 PM. Actually more like 10, but be there early. The
address is 94 Avenue A @ 6th St. Check out some of his music at

As far as the past B.Y.C. Award winners who did not yet receive their Jerry
Cherry shirts, I will be bringing them this Tuesday night. OK, the moment
you've all been waiting for... The winner of the B.Y.C. Award two weeks ago
is Julie Bellamy. Julie was amazing. She popped in a cd of her music without
the vocals and jumped up on the Cherry Picker and with her hip-hop style she
sang her sweet little butt off. Last week's B.Y.C. Award goes to Ali
Lefevre. Ali's voice is so beautiful you melt with every word she sings. She
came all the way from Louisiana to Bust Her Cherry. You can hear Ali at
www.myspace.com/alilefevre. Congrats, Julie and Ali, wear your J.C. shirts

Well, there you have it. I hope to see you at one or both of the shows
coming up this week. Its getting cold in the city so come on in and "Bust
Your Cherry," baby.

See ya at the show,



Hello, Cherries.
Thank you for all of your responses in regards to voting on which of my new
songs I should record. The songs you chose were great choices and they will
be the ones I record. Thanks for your help. September 12th marks my one year
anniversary living here in New York City and what a year it has been! The
best year of my life. They say it takes two years here before it all comes
together. I'm looking forward to the next one. I came here with a purpose,
to write great songs, put an amazing band together, and "Bust My Cherry"
harder than anybody else. I want to thank everyone who's inspired me, helped
me, and believed.

Now, enough of the cheeziness and let's get down to business... The "B.Y.C."
award goes to Chuck L. Reina. Chuck used to come out often when I first
started the Bust Your Cherry night, but he hasn't been back for months. I
think he was in Austria. Anyway, last week he just knocked my socks off.
Chuck, you rock, babe. Wear your Jerry Cherry shirt proudly.

Whether you've lived in New York all your life, for one year like me, or are
here for only three days, "Bust Your Cherry" while you're here. It only
takes a couple of minutes and you'll feel so much better. I look forward to
seeing you at The Satelite Bar, located at 505 E. 6th St. Btwn (Aves A & B).
Show time is from 8:30 PM till 4 AM.

See you there... Ah ah ah



Hello, Cherries.
Another Tuesday is upon us. Time for "Bust Your Cherry" open mic night.
Tonight is going to be a very special open mic night. Why? I don't know - I
just feel it. I guess I'm just hoping it will be. When you're in the Cherry
Busting business, it's very inconsistent. Sometimes you Bust Your Cherry,
sometimes you just oooozzze a little bit. Tonight I'm going all out. All
cherries ahead.

I'm really excited. I found a drummer who is going to record my new song
with me. All the new Jerry Cherry songs that you've come to know and love
will be recorded for your listening pleasure. I'm actually having a hard
time choosing the songs I want to record. That is why I'm asking you. I want
to record 4 songs. Below is a list of the possible choices. Your vote
matters. I'll add up the votes and record the 4 that get the most votes.
Here is the list:

"I'm Not the Worst Looking Man You've Ever Seen,"

"Belly of the Beast,"


"One More Cry,"

"Take Your Clothes Off,"


"Life in the Big City,"

"Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night."

Email me your decisions. I know the choices are tough; that's why I need
your help. The songs will all eventually be recorded, but for financial
reasons only 4 will be selected. Thank you.

The "Bust Your Cherry Award" goes to Sandra Peterson. Sandra hasn't been
Busting her Cherry lately but she finally showed up last week and tore up
the stage. It was great to see Sandra again. I ran out of the Jerry Cherry
soda bottle shirts so the winners will be receiving the Jerry Cherry Suit
shirts. Congrats, Sandra. Wear your shirt proudly. Lakis, you can receive a
small suit shirt for winning two weeks ago. See, waiting sometimes is

Well, I hope to see everybody tonight at the Satelite Bar located at 505
East 6th St. (Btwn Aves A & B). The show starts at 9PM and ends at 4 AM.

See you there, Ah ah ah



Hi, Cherries. It's time for another night of "Bust Your Cherry" open mic
night. Are you ready, baby? Yah baby, yah. I have a new song I will be
performing tonight. It's called "Life in the Big City." I wrote it last
Wednesday and decided to perform it Wednesday night at the Satelite bar. I
was outside of the club practicing my new song, struggling with the odd time
signature. The guys in the band The W.M.D'S wanted to hear the song outside
because they had to leave. They put me on the spot to play it outside for
them. I was a bit reluctant to play it since I was struggling with it. I
played it anyway and they loved it and started singing it with me. Then it
was my turn to perform inside. I set up a mic especially for them and they
sang the chorus with me. It was awesome. I'm going to record the song with
them. See how it works. That's "Life in the Big City."

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: the "Bust Your Cherry" award
winner... The award goes to Jeff Shine. Jeff hosts the open mic at the
Satelite Bar every Wednesday night. He "Busts his Cherry" every Tuesday but
last Tuesday he Busted it hard enough to win this prestigious award.
Congrats, Jeff. Wear your Jerry Cherry shirt proudly.

Come to the Satelite Bar, where dreams really do come true. Just ask Jeff if
dreams come true. Jeff, do dreams come true? Yes, dreams do come true. The
Satelite Bar is located at 505 E. 6th St. (Btwn Aves A & B). The show starts
at 8:30 and ends at 4 AM.

See you there, Ah ah ah



Hello, Cherries. Well, another "Bust Your Cherry" open mic night approaches.
I'm very excited to perform tonight and to hear many great artists. I love
cherries. I love the taste of them. The feel of them. The shmell of them. I
love all the little cherries so much.

Last week's "Bust Your Cherry" award goes to Lakis. What a great performance
he put on. Lakis is a truly talented performer and a natural musician. His
songs are beautiful and his performance is magical. He is electrifying every
time he takes the stage. Congrats, Lakis. Wear your Jerry Cherry shirt

All my cherries from across the land come to New York whenever they can.
They "Bust Their Cherries" all through the night, and rock my world till the
morning light. Even if you can't be there, there'll be no sadness or
despair. You'll always be a cherry, baby, yah baby yah.

The show is at The Satelite Bar located at 505 East 6th St. (Btwn aves A &
B). Show time is from 8:30 PM till 4 AM.

See you there



Hello, Cherries. I'm just sitting here at Zanny's enjoying a beautiful day
on the upper west side in New York City. The coffee is good, but wait until
you taste what Jerry Cherry serves up for you. Life is magical when "Bust
Your Cherry Open Mic Night" approaches. Yah baby, yah. One thing incredible
to me is the fact that most of the people in New York don't live here. Most
are wonderful people who live in other countries. They come here for a short
period of time. They grace us with their presence. They wow us with their
charm. They dance a dance for us that is simply spectacular. They dazzle us
with their beauty. Isto e vida.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for... The "Bust Your Cherry" award
winner. I have to say that Aria busted her cherry enough to win this
prestigious award. She was so hot busting her cherries to the audience. You
couldn't help but respond to her overflowing of cherry busting. You can
check her out at her band's website http://www.apocalypstik.com/. Congrats,
Aria. Wear your Jerry Cherry shirt proudly.

Express yourself musically, lyrically, physically, any way you want to. Just
be comfortable and Bust Your Cherry, baby. La la la la la la la la. la la la
la. la la. Come to the Satelite bar tonight. It's located at 505 east 6th
street (btw A & B) NYC. The show is from 8:30 till 4 AM. Come early, come
late, just don't hesitate. The more you fidget, the more you wait. The more
likely you'll be to stay home and masturbate.

See you there



Hello Cherries. Oh wow - I'm very excited about Busting My Cherry tonight.
As I'm writing this email I'm listening to the greatest singer of all time,
Ella Fitzgerald. I loooveee her. I'd also love all of you to come "Bust Your
Cherries" tonight. For the most part, the performers are singer/songwriter
and random singers and guitarists busting out on stage to perform songs from
their favorite artists. We've also had spoken word, poets, saxophonists,
rappers, and people who've lived in New York City for just way too long.
Anything goes and is always welcome as long as you "Bust Your Cherry," baby.

Last week's "Bust Your Cherry" award winner was a tough one to pick. It was
very close, but the winner is Phil Common. Phil rocks every Tuesday, but
last Tuesday it all came together for him and I think he was just terrific.
Congrats, Phil. Wear your Jerry Cherry shirt proudly. Who will be next to
sport the famous shirt?

I performed Monday night at The Sidewalk Cafe on 6th Street and A. I've
enjoyed some great performers there - they showcase the best talent in New
York. Everyone I've seen perform there was just amazing. It was sure nice
that I got the chance to spread a little Cherry lovin' about the place.
Sometimes it gets real mellow and quiet in there. That's good because the
audience really respects the dynamics of each performer. Before I performed,
there was an artist who was real, real soft. Then I jumped up on stage, and
let's just say that when I performed "Take Your Clothes Off," with its sexy
lyrics and burning guitar riffs the audience was just stunned. I "Bust My
Cherry" where ever I go. It's time for you to do the same. I hope to see you
tonight. The show is at The Satelite Bar. It's located at 505 E. 6th Street,
NYC (btwn Aves A & B). Da East Village.

See you there, Ah ah ah,



Hello, Cherries...
Well, here we are again: Another hot day in the big apple, another hot
Tuesday night. Are you ready for "Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night?" Ya baby,
ya. My mom is here from Florida and she's ready to "Bust Her Cherry." Mommy
Cherry. This open mic night is not like any other open mic in New York City.
Everybody gets their turn to play. Especially if your mom comes in from
Florida and wants to hear you.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Last week's "Bust Your Cherry"
award winner. It was a really hard decision. There were so many great
performers, but I have to give the award to Andy Stack. He was just amazing.
Whenever he comes in and plays, everyone is just mesmerized. You can hear
his music on his website www.andystack.net. Congrats, Andy. Wear your Jerry
Cherry shirt proudly. Debbie Dalton, Ivan, Jack Benjamin, Joshua Gabriel,
Jeff, and Phil all rocked hard. The baddest Mofos in NYC come to "Bust Their
Cherry" every Tuesday.

Did anyone see Rockstar INXS last night? I actually auditioned for that
show back in January at CBGB's. I auditioned in front of INXS and got a
chance to meet them. They're really cool guys. I did pretty good. I got two
call-backs and made it to the final 200 people. I was pretty excited about
getting to the 50 final people to go to California. But that never happened.
Oh well. It was hard to watch that show knowing that I was so close. But I
have to say, Jerry Cherry is too sexy for that show.

I hope to see everybody tonight. The Satelite Bar is located at 505 E. 6th
St. (Between Aves. A & B) The show starts at 8:30 PM and ends at 4 AM. Let's
have our own Rockstar show without the competition and elimination. Just be
a rockstar. See you there. Ah ah ah.

Ciao, Cherries



Howdy, Cherries! Happy 4th of July. I hope you had a great view of the
fireworks and then made some of your own fireworks later... Have you been
watching any of the Live 8 show? What a lineup! The London stage, what can I
say? I almost died when I saw Coldplay back up Richard Ashcroft performing
Bittersweet Symphony. Pink Floyd reunited: Wow. A great weekend of music.
The great thing is that it's not over. Here in New York we have our own Live
8 stage: "Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night." Let's keep the beautiful music

Last week's "Bust Your Cherry" award goes to Ivan. Wow, this guy is solid.
His voice is amazing. He's not average by any means. When he performs, you
listen. Ivan and I performed a version of Jeff Buckley's "Lilac Wine." It
was quite an experience. Thanks, Ivan. Wear your Jerry Cherry shirt proudly.
Ivan was great, but there were many great performers last week. It was
difficult picking a winner. Melissa was awesome as well. She and her
girlfriends helped me perform my song "Take Your Clothes Off." You really
can't go wrong with a song like that.

I look forward to seeing everybody tonight Busting their Cherries. The
Satelite Bar is located at 505 East 6th Street. (Between Aves A & B.) It
starts at around 9 PM and ends at 4 AM. Keep the music live.



Hello, my Cherries. Today is a weird day. I'm slowly trying to get over the
fact that my guitar gig bag was stolen last night. Thank God "My Black
Guitar" wasn't in it. I was performing upstairs at The Sidewalk Cafe when my
bag was stolen from the downstairs area. Besides some material things that
can easily be replaced, there were some very important lyrics I had written
all through spring that can never be replaced. They weren't songs yet and
now they will never be. At least not in that light. I hope that whoever has
the bag and finds the lyrics doesn't wipe his stinkin' ass with them.

Last week's "Bust Your Cherry" award goes out to Skrit Steak & those English
Mufkins. They were so great. And weird... very weird. I hope they come back
tonight and play some more and receive their prizes. Wear those Jerry Cherry
shirts proudly.

The show at Galapagos was awesome. There is an amazing vibe at this venue. I
did lose my pants at the show. My famous pants with one leg black and one
leg white was in a bag that I left on the subway train on the way home. I
was talking to a girl and was so caught up in the conversation that I did
what I said to myself I would do and left the bag on the train. It has been
a time of losing things. My motto is "lose 1 thing and gain 10." It was
really cool to play in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The music scene there is
cool. Thanks to Kevin from Mind Trip Productions for giving me the gig.

Come "Bust Your Cherry" tonight at the Satelite Bar. The address is 505 East
6th Street. (Between Aves A & B). The show starts at 9 PM and ends at 4 AM.
I can't wait to see everyone tonight. Ya baby. Don't steal anything from me. Please.

See you there. Ah ah ah ah



Hello, Cherries. Last week's "Bust Your Cherry" open mic night was the best
one yet. The night started off with me being a little late as usual and then
a short performance by yours truly. Then Nothing Rhymes With Orange took the
stage and blew all of our minds. I really love those guys. They set the tone
for a great night of music to follow. Belt was great. Joe Holland rocked, as
usual. One guy who never ceases to amaze me, all the way from Los Angeles,
my friend Gunner, who showed up in surprising fashion. He invited me to jam
on a few of his songs. It was truly magical, as usual. Gunner, you rock
babe. Nickolas, If you're reading this in France, we miss you.

Everyone who performed last week was great and it was very hard to pick the
"Bust Your Cherry" award winner. Envelope please. The award goes to . . .
Booby Girl. I'm sorry I can't remember her name. The girl with the big
boobs - you know who you are. Come and claim your shirt. I'm sure it will
look great on you. Booby Girl was on fire last week. I have a new song
called "Take Your Clothes Off." There's always going to be someone there to
do just that. Booby Girl, congrats. Wear your prize proudly. Oh ya, did I
mention she had an amazing voice?

Finally, I have a show at "Galapagos" in Brooklyn this Saturday at 9:15 PM.
70 N. Sixth St. Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 782-5188 Cross Street: Between
Wythe Avenue and Kent Avenue Directions: L at Bedford Ave.

40 minutes straight of Jerry Cherry. Oh Yes. Can you handle it? This show is
put on by "Mind Trip Productions." First things first. The Satelite bar
tonight will be bursting with fruit flavor. The Satelite Bar is located at
505 East 6th street (between Aves. A & B). It starts at about 9 PM and ends
at 4 AM.

See you there. Ah ah ah ah



Hello, Cherries-
It's that time of the week again, time to "Bust Your Cherry." Some of my
friends from South Florida are going to be busting their cherries for the
first time tonight. They're in a band called Nothing Rhymes With Orange.
They're really great. They have their own sound, a very space-rock, Brit-pop
sound like The Verve, Cold Play, or U2. I jammed with them once at a club
called Dada in Delray Beach, Florida and performed a song called "Sonnet" by
The Verve. Lets see what happens tonight.

I'm very excited about tonight. I have a few new songs I'll be performing.
One of them is really hot and you might want to take your clothes off after
hearing it. It's been very hot in New York lately. Dress cool.

Last week's "Bust Your Cherry" award goes to the one and only Allegra. She
was fantastic on that stage, just singing her big cherry out. Congrats,
Allegra. Wear your Jerry Cherry shirt proudly.

Cherries weren't the only thing busted last week. While I was announcing the
next song I was going to perform, my roommate Nicholas was so excited to
come up on stage to perform it with me that he ran into the mic stand and
the mic whacked me in the mouth, almost knocking my teeth out. Fortunately,
the only thing that happened was a bloody lip. But the good thing is that
the blood was red, much like the cherries that will be busted tonight at the
Satelite Bar. Tonight will also be a going away party for Nicholas. He's going back to France in a few days. He will be missed. The Satelite bar is located at 505 East 6th St. (between Ave's
A & B). The show starts around 9 PM and ends at 4 AM.

See you there, Ah ah ah





Dear Cherries,

How are you? It's been a week since I've heard from you last. The night is
slowly approaching. I usually wait till about 5 PM the night of the show to
remind you about our weekly love-in. Today was a beautiful Spring day and by
no means wasted. I was at Great Lawn in Central Park going through some new
songs I'll be playing tonight. Today marks a new day and a new spirit in the
Jerry Cherry ambience. "Busting More Cherries." Can you feel the excitement?
I'm exuding red, like a burst of fruit flavor.

Now I'm going to announce the winner of the first weekly "Bust Your Cherry
Awards." There were so many standouts the first week that this was a very
hard decision. But the winner is Joe Holland. Only because his name is
Holland and I love gold. I love the feel of it, the taste of it, the shmell
of it. But most of all, the sound of it. Congrats, Joe. You're the first
weekly winner. Enjoy your Jerry Cherry shirt. You can all take a look at
them at www.jerrycherry.com

Come out tonight(Tuesday), boys and girls. Win yourself a shirt. Lose your
shirt. Whatever you want. Tonight at The Satelite Bar. Located at 505 East
6th St. (between aves. A & B). The show starts at 8:30 and ends real late.
See you there.




I want to thank everyone for coming out to "Bust Your Cherry Open Mic
Night." I have to apologize for showing up cherryably late. By the time I
got there at 9pm there were already a bunch of cherries waiting to be
busted. Thanks to Ziggy for starting the list and getting it going. Things
don't always work out as planned at this open mic night. We can go from
playing 4 songs to playing 2 songs per artist. That's just the way the
night works. As it progresses, more and more people show up wanting to bust
their cherries. The thing is to be patient and relax, take it easy, and
enjoy your life. There is so much talent coming into this place, I don't
need to play, but I do. As a matter or fact, I am really looking forward to
the duet I'll be doing with Jody, who just moved here from California to
bust her cherry. Last week was great . . . so many great performers.
I have to say that the highlight of the night was Sandra Peterson, who
played her butt off.

This week I will be announcing the brand new "Bust Your Cherry Award."
Every week hereafter I will be picking out a winner who is the person who
Busted his or her Cherry the hardest. The winner will receive a Jerry
Cherry T-shirt, a token of my appreciation for the passion left on the
Satelite bar stage.

Check out http://www.jerrycherry.com/ for the merchandise. I will also
have Jerry cherry merch at the shows to check out as well.

I hope tonight won't be any different from the last two weeks, which were
absolutely amazing. The Satelite Bar is located at 505 E. 6th Street
(Between Avenues A @ B) in NYC.

See you there, Ah ah ah



Hello Cherries. It's Tuesday and you know what that means. Another Bust Your
Cherry Open Mic Night. It just keeps getting better and better every week.
Last week Johnny B and Scrappy Calloway fom the band Goodfinger rocked us
hard. Phil blew us away with his killer tunes. Sandra rocked Simon And
Garfunkel, with a little help from J.C.

The coolest thing is that while Nick and I were performing some songs
together, his girlfreind was so impressed that they got engaged after the
show. Wow, now that's love. Tim the bartender just happened to have a ring
behind the bar. Anything is possible when you're Busting Your Cherry. So if
you're in the mood to bring your band and try out some new songs or imitate
your favorite artist, even if you need a place to elope with your loved one,
the Satelite bar on Tuesday nights is the place. The Satelite Bar is located
at 505 East 6th St. (between aves A & B) N.Y.C. Starts at 8:30 and ends real late.

See you there, Ah ah ah...



Hi Cherries. Ready to "Bust Your Cherry" tonight? It's going to be a very
special night tonight. I will be performing 2 new songs "Belly of the Beast"
and "Tokyo Girl." I will also be welcoming Jamie Ray, a special guest singer
to perform with me. She will be singing my song "Backward." I will also be
playing guitar on her song "Any Other Way." She is an amazing singer. I
look forward to it. Last week we had some amazing performers. Wow, what a
night. The crew from the Three of Cups came to Bust their Cherries. There is
an open mic there every Sunday night. It is on 1st Avenue and 5th Street. It
starts late at about 11:30 PM. Check that out. Freddie Z was amazing. (Sorry
I missed your show at Kenny's Castaway). I was U.S.F.L.A. Ask David Johanson
what that means. He told me. Jeff Shine was also great and Sam's slide work
on Sleep Walk was once again brilliant. It's a beautiful day here in
Manhattan. It's spring. The clothes are coming off and music is going on.
The Satelite Bar is located at 505 East 6th Street. (Btwn Aves A & B). It starts at 8 and runs real late. See you there.

Ah ah ah ah




I want to thank everyone for coming out to "Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night." To commemorate this special night, I wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes. Learn the words and sing along. I open the show with it every Tuesday night. Tonight.

Bust Your Cherry, Bust Your Cherry, Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night

Step right up and please don't be shy. No one leaves the Satelite Bar dry

Bust Your Cherry, Bust Your Cherry, Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night

Welcome to the Satelite Bar Where it doesnt matter who you are.
Everyone gets their turn to play.

It's Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night. Now Tuesday in the village is out of site.
All my cherries are coming out tonight.

The mic sounds better than it ever did before. The guitars are in tune, you're about to be floored.
Just don't let Brian touch the sound board.

Is it true what they say about the talented Mr. Weasel? With more one-liners than the great Don Rickles. I'd really love to see Jeff Shine's nipples!

Bust Your Cherry, Bust Your Cherry, Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night

It's your 15 minutes of fame, time to leave it all on the stage. Jerry Cherry's too sexy for this place.

Bust Your Cherry, Bust Your Cherry, Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night

Chuck might sing a bit out of tune, but he plays with heart and he looks real cool.
I dont call him "Mini-Me" for nothing.

Tim, the bartender, he also sings, He hates my voice but loves my guitar playing
When I get a record deal he'll say I sing like Pavarotti

Tuesday nights will never be the same. Bust Your Cherry is the name of the game.
Come on down and watch me ooze with fruit flavor.

If you're ever on 6th between A and B, The Satelite Bar is the place to be.
Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night with Jerry Cherry.

Showtime is from 8:30 till late. See you there. Ah ah ah ah.



Hello Cherries. Reminding you about "Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night"
tonight. That's right, it's Tuesday again and it's snowing, so put on your
galoshes and get ready to bust your cherry. Week after week it's getting
more and more fun. I think I just busted a cherry thinking about it. I have
some new songs I will be trying out tonight, and I would love to hear yours.
If the weather is bad and you don't want to lug your ax we have a few
guitars there just waiting for your attention. We're shooting for an upright
piano by next week, so then you can tickle the cherries if you want. Man,
there are so many awesome people coming in on Tuesday nights. Even if you
just sing and need accompaniment, let's do it. I can fake almost anything.
So bring your cherries to The Satelite bar tonight, starting at 8:30PM 'till
they drag us away, which is usually never. The Satelite Bar is located at
505 East 6th Street (Between Avenues A & B). "Bust Your Cherry Open Mic
Night." It's your 15 minute of fame. Time to leave it all on the stage.
Jerry Cherry's too sexy for this place.


2-14-05 Hi, my Cherries. Just a little heads-up that I will be hosting "Bust Your
Cherry Open Mic Night" every Tuesday night at The Satellite Bar. Last week was a blast.
Many great performers "busted their cherries" upon the audience. This week,
are you juicy enough to come out and bust yours? The night runs long enough
that everyone gets a chance. If you're a singer and need accompaniment, I
will join you with my black guitar. I can fake almost anything. There's also
a house acoustic guitar if you don't want to lug yours. Bring your
instrument of choice, electric piano, bass, etc. It's been pretty warm in
New York this week. It feels like South Florida. Come out and play. The
Satellite Bar is located at 505 East 6th St. (Between Aves A & B) in NYC

See you there. Ah Ah Ah



Hello Cherry Babies. I want to invite you to my "Bust Your Cherry Open Mic
Night." It's taking place at The Satellite Bar located at 505 East 6th
Street (between Aves A & B) in NYC. The show takes place Tuesday, February
1st, 8:30 PM until they drag us away. There is a house acoustic guitar if
you don't want to bring one. It will be a night of fun and music. There is
no sign-up for this open mic night. You have your 15 minutes of fame on
stage as long as you're busting your cherry or someone else's. The Satellite
Bar is a great place to hang. Really cheap drinks. All kinds of peeps come
straggling in to perform some of their tunes. It's not too serious but you
do have to "Bust Your Cherry." Come rock out with your cherries out.



Thanks for coming out to The Satellite Bar's "New Year's Rocking Ball." It
was definitely cool bringing in the new year Cherry-style. The place was
packed with crazy New Yorkers partying the only way they know how - over the
top. By the way, I am hosting an open mic night at The Satellite Bar
tonight, January 11th. It's called "Bust Your Cherry Open Mic Night." It
starts at 8:30 PM. Bring your instrument and get down and funky. The
Satellite Bar is located at 505 E. 6th St. in between Avenue A and B on 6th St.

Cherry lovers, I am proud to announce that I have another action-packed show
coming up. The show is at The Sidewalk Cafe on Wednesday, January 12th, at
7:30 PM. The Sidewalk Cafe is located at 94 Avenue A at the corner of Avenue
A and 6th street. It will be a kick-arse show. I'm reverting back to some of
my old tricks. You may know some of them if you've seen some of my videos,
and I think it's finally time to spring 'em on old New York. It will be a
rock-n-roll show for the ages... young and old, tall or short, fat or
skinny, black, white, Puerto Rican - everybody just a freakin'.

The Sidewalk Cafe is my gift to you. Just another way to say "I love you."
See you at the show.



Happy New Year, Cherries!
I hope 2005 brings you everything you ever wanted. I want to thank everyone
who came to the CB's Gallery show. As it turns out, it wasn't just a solo
performance after all. See, in between my songs you could hear the band
next door at CBGB'S. The bass was really loud so I jammed the blues in E
with the bass player in the band next door. It was fun.

Now I bring to you "Jerry Cherry's Rockin' New Year's Ball." Come rock in
the New Year Jerry Cherry style. New York City has had some big balls before
but never like the one happening Friday night. The party takes place at The
Satelite Bar located at 505 E. 6th Street, between Avenue A and Avenue B.
The Show is Friday, December 31st, 11PM till next year sometime. It's $30.
to party all night long. There will be an open bar from 10:30 till 1.

After paying my dues doing open mic nights Mondays at the Sidewalk cafe,
Lach finally broke down and gave me a gig. "Thanks Lach." This show will be
at The Sidewalk Cafe located at 94 Avenue A and 6th St. The show is on
Wedensday, January 12th, 7:30 PM till 8. The Sidewalk cafe is one of my
favorite hangs. Come check it out.

That's all for now.




Hello Cherries -
Here is the latest from Camp Jerry Cherry. "Northern Exposure." I've been burning through the cold here in Da Big Apple performing at various musical places such as The Three of Cups on Sunday nights, The Sidewalk Cafe on Monday nights, and The Back Fence. There is so much talent in this town. It's so inspiring I've decided that before I finalize my new cd, I have a few new songs I want to put on it. Thanks for your patience . There are 4 new songs posted in the music section of this site. I'd love to know what you think of them.

I have a killer show coming up at CB's 313 Gallery on Tuesday, December 14th, at 8 PM. It's going to be a 40-minute acoustic set. Don't let that fool ya. It will be rocking. I will be "setting my Nugent free." Definitely check it out. Also performing that night is Joe Taylor at 7 PM and Chris Gasp at 9 PM. Check out http://www.cbgb.com/ . It's a cool site.

Pass it on,

10-21-04 Hello Cherries.

Its getting cold up here in Da Big Apple. Have a little Jerry Cherry. It will warm you up and keep you nice and toasty. Everything is going great in N.Y.C. I've been performing at different open mic nights such as The Three of Cups, and The Sidewalk Cafe. I've been getting good responses. Its a big town. Its gonna take a little while but New York is about to be cherryfied. I'm also in the middle of collaborating with a band who has been playing the scene here for a while as well as a female singer / songwriter who just arrived in New York as well.

I will be performing in New York City at Arlene's Grocery on Sunday, November 7th, at 9:15. Arlene's used to be a Grocery store, now an amazing rock club. This will be about a half-hour acoustic performance. I hope that some of my new Cherries will be there.

There will be four new songs posted shortly. I hope you enjoy.

Stay Sweet,
Jerry Cherry


Hi Cherries,

Breaking news... This just in: Its official. Jerry Cherry invades New York. The move will take place on 9-11-04. I want to thank everybody who supported the band for the past year. Without you there would be no inspiration for greater success.

This past year has been amazing. Thank you South Florida cherries for being so sweet. "I won't quit till I'm a star" on Broadway.


Hello Cherry Peeps,

I know it's been a while. Jerry Cherry has missed you. You know that. I want to thank everyone for coming out to for the Rock for Autism show at Ovation in Boynton. Wednesday's Child, phoenix/NEBULIN, ESP and The Last Crusader rocked their hearts out, and all for a great cause. Scroll down to the pic section for pictures taken by Gina "Cherry Snapper" from that incredible show.

Roll over Jason, Jerry Cherry takes over Friday the 13th for a show at Broadway in Aventura, at 11 PM. If you see a guy with a ski mask on lurking in the corner, don't talk to him. We have a very special guest singer joining Jerry Cherry on stage. Her name is Melissa Dawn. Check out her website at WWW.Melissadawn.net We're very excited about that. We're also playing Art vs. Rock III at Churchill's in Miami on Sunday, August 15th, at 9 PM. The Churchill's show is going to have 16 bands, on inside and outside stages. The Frickin Hot and Good Life Cycle are among some of the great bands performing with us that night. See you at the show.



See Jerry Cherry & the Revolution Friday, July 2nd, at Midnight at Thee Academy inside The Red Lyon Pub in Boynton Bch.

Click here for The Academy E-flier


Wow. The show at Dada was a smash. The place was packed and the crowd had the time of their lives. I might have overplayed my guitar solos a little bit, but who cares? Dada is so cool. The people there just want to have a good time and hear great music, and they got what they came for. At the end of the night we called Scott Spooner of Wednesday's Child and Erica Sommer of E.S.P. up to the stage. Together with me(Jerry), Ronnie & Vewiser we make up The Revolution. Pierre (aka The Last Crusader / Chicken Wing), helped finish off the set with his vocal stylings.

This Revolution thing is really catching on. We've been invited to perform at Thee Academy at the Red Lion Pub in Boynton. Check out the site: http://theeacademy.blogspot.com Basically, everyone dressed in a British School uniform gets in free. If they're not, they pay a cover of $5. Even the band will be sporting the Angus Young schoolboy look. The show will be as follows: 10PM to MIDNIGHT - DJs; MIDNIGHT to 1AM - Jerry Cherry & The Revolution; 1AM to ??? - DJs. We're stretching our set list of 80's pop tunes, and we only have 10 days to put the list together. If you have any favorites let me know. The Red Lion pub is located at 10114 South Military Trail, Boynton Beach, FL 561-737-0434.

Wait... Coming soon... "Jerry Cherry on Ice." See Jerry Cherry ice skating with some your favorite Revolution characters. You won't want to miss this extravaganza.



See Jerry Cherry tonight, 11 pm at Dada in Delray Bch.

Click here for the Dada E-flier


Good evening, Cherry lovers. The Rock for Autism show was great. Erica Sommer from E.S.P, Rambler, Wednesday's Child, The Last Crusader, & Jerry Cherry and the Revolution all put on the shows of their lives to raise money for the fight against Autism. We were all very proud to be a part of it. There is a tentative date in July for the next show. I will keep you posted on that.

On with the show... We will be performing at Dada this Saturday night, June 19th, from 11 PM till 12:30 AM. If you haven't seen Jerry Cherry and the Revolution, now's the time to check it out. We will be ending our set with an explosion of 80s pop songs that will make you reminisce about a time when music was fun. Come shake your ass with Jerry Cherry and the Revolution. It will be Cherrylicious.

Dada is such a fantastic place. Every band that plays there is amazing. You can hang inside and go crazy with the band or you can enjoy yourself outside and dance under the stars. Either way, come early and stay late. Dada is located in Delray Bch. Exit off I-95 onto Atlantic Avenue, East to Swinton. Make a left on Swinton and Dada is on the left at the first light. There is plenty of parking across the street from the club.

Sweet Dreams,

6-6-04 Autism is 1 in 150 children today and the time has come for us to ROCK!!! Casi's Quest (TAAP of Florida) presents it's first of many "Rock for Autism" fundraising events. Bring the whole family and have a wonderful day! For only a $10 donation you can enjoy free music, food and participate in a raffle benefiting autism research. Featuring South Florida's finest bands such as The Last Crusader, Wednesday's Child, Rambler, ESP, Jerry Cherry and more! Please call us at 954-583-4860 or visit our website at www.CasiQuest.org and listen to our media promotions for this unforgettable event! Tax deductible donations are welcome, from those unable to attend. The show is this Saturday, June 12th, at Rose and Crown in Ft. Lauderdale, just east of 441 on Commercial Blvd. Showtime is from 2:pm on through the night. Jerry Cherry hits the stage at 7:pm with a special performance at 8:pm from Jerry Cherry and the Revolution. We can't wait to see you there. God bless always.

Jerry Cherry here, wanting to thank everybody for coming out to Broadway's 80's night Friday night. It was an amazing show. Everyone was there: Madonna, Axel Rose, that chick from Flashdance... I thought I saw Boy George... Maybe not. We called the band "Jerry Cherry and the Revolution," because we had two special guests, Scott Spooner (keyboardist from the band Wednesdays Child), and Erica Sommer, (vocalist from the band E.S.P). If you missed it, you missed a doozy. The place was packed with people sporting their favorite 80's attire. When we took the stage, the crowd went nuts as we launched into a set of classic 80's songs. It's too bad we only played for 30 minutes; it was over way too soon. The music in the 80's was all about fun. "Wang Chung." Need I say more? To see video and pictures of that memorable night, scroll down to the PICS and VIDEO sections. You'll love the songs we chose to play. Hint: we played 2 songs from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Gnarly.

Our next show is Popscene at Dada in Delray Beach, on Saturday, June 19th, at 10 PM.

If you missed the 80's show, don't fret. For the last part of the Dada show we're going to have The Revolution back for an encore presentation. Dada is an amazing place. Check out their website at http://www.respectablestreet.com/dada.htm We have three hours to kill. Bathroom breaks permitted.


Hello Cherry Babies & Dudes. Thank you for going to the Jerry Cherry show at
Broadway. You rawk, man. Dead To The World and Fractal both kicked major ass
and I look forward to partying with those dudes again like sometime really

Now here is something that is sure to be a major rad event: Friday, May 21st, Broadway Billiards presents Prom Night '04. Presenting..."A Blast From The Past" 80's Retro Prom Night & Carmen's birthday bash. Carmen is the really cool foxy honey baby who books all the bands at Broadway. Activities will include Prom King and Queen, 80's movies, photo booth, spiked punch bowl, celebrity look-a-likes, and killer local bands playing 80's tunes. Nice, dude...nice. There will be a strict dress code: No shirts, no shoes, no dice. School/prom attire, 80's wear (punk, new wave, surfer, tuxedo T's) encouraged. Total Ridgemont High... Wow, that's cool.

"That's my scull, I'm so wasted." Put on your checker Vans and come early. Lots of stuff happening. "Like, wow, man." I was thinking Mr. Hand. How about learning about Cuba and rockin' with Jerry Cherry?




Hello Cherries. I have a little treat for you. New pictures from the last two shows at Dada and Rose & Crown are up on www.jerrycherry.com. The show at Rose & Crown was very strange. Just knowing that there was a swingers club across the street made it all the weirder. After the show I couldn't resist any more so I had to go over there and see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me in. It was couples night. Boo hoo hoo. To bad for them, baby.

Here we go again, rocking Broadway in Aventura, Friday, April 30th, at 11 PM. Broadway is freakin' awesome. The sound system there is bad to the bone, and the vibe is as cool as Arthur Fonzarelli... Heeyyyyyy. There are three other cool bands performing with us that night. Dead to the World at 9 PM, Prime Rib at 10 PM, Jerry Cherry at 11 PM, and Fractal at 12 midnight. We're going to blow this place up - I'm sure of it. I'm psyched.


Thank you for coming to see Jerry Cherry at Dada. Dada is such a beautiful place. Everybody there was so delicious. The show was terrific. People were just finishing dinner when J.C. started to play. "A little Jerry Cherry with your coffee, Sir?" By the way, my name is Jamesula. I am the booking agent for Jerry Cherry. I am up late in the night booking shows and writing emails for my good friends while they are busy making tasty music. There was a plan going into Sunday's performance, but as usual, plans change. The band planned to do an acoustic set, but that morphed into a full-blown performance of "Waiting on a Friend," and "Honky Tonk Women," by the Rolling Stones. The band even went so far as to do Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused." I didn't know Jerry could do Plant. Turns out that he can't. Ah ha ha. It was great hearing some of the Jerry Cherry faithful singing along word for word with the songs. That's what it's all about. I felt so warm and fuzzy. Basically they blew the roof off the place, but it can be fixed.

On to the next show... Jerry Cherry will be performing at The Rose and Crown in Fort Lauderdale this Saturday, April 17th, at 12 midnight. They were originally scheduled for 9pm but that changed to 12. This show is called Localpaloosa. It is being presented by our friends from the band Caveat Emptor and many great local bands will be performing on two stages. The show starts early & ends late. Listen to me - come to the show. I'll meet you there. Ah ah ah ah ah.



Hello Cherrylicious people-
First of all, pick up a copy of the April 8th issue of New Times Broward/Palm Beach. There's a great story in there about Jerry Cherry. Jason Budjinski writes an excellent piece about how the band has transformed from a heavy Zeta sound to a more indie, low-fi sound. Its a good read.

Now on with the show. Come hang out with us on April 11th, Easter Sunday night. We will be performing at Dada in Delray from 10:30pm till 1:30. Wow, I'm tired all ready. No... it will be very interesting to see how all of our songs go over considering we changed the vibe of most of them. We'll have more acoustic guitars, congas, bongos, and other perc toys that even Gloria Estefan would approve of. This idea came about at first because I thought that Dada was more of a laid-back club. But after seeing some hard-rockin' bands there, it turns out we could have blown the roof off the place. But there's no turning back now. We're going to keep the approach originally conceived and play it by ear like we always do. Sorry to disappoint you but I won't be wearing my skivvies this show. Maybe under my tutu. Hahaha.

We start recording next week. We will be at The Farm Studios where Larry will be starting to get the sounds that will become the first full length Jerry Cherry album. The guts of the album will be recorded at our own JC Studios. Our time, our way . . . the Cherry way.

We have two more shows in April after the Dada show. Go to www.jerrycherry.com for all that groovy stuff. In the scholarly and profound words of bad-ass bass player Vewiser....Peace and Chicken Grease. Good night cha-cha-cha-cherries.



What can I say? The show Saturday night at The Surf was great. It started off with us performing some of our newest songs for which we got a very good reception. Towards the end of the set, a man from the audience asked if I was going to take off the trench coat. "Good question," I said. But the real question was from me to the ladies: "Ladies, do you want me to take off the trench coat?" As the coat started to come off slowly, that same guy screamed out "Mick Jagger!" Thanks man. All and all it was a fun show. There were many great bands. Many of them were from the West Palm Beach area, attracting many new faces to the Surf crowd. Some were on tour from New York, and Conn. Sideplane was awesome. 2SDW!! was great. 5 Skin. All great bands.

Now for something completely different. Our next gig will be something very unique. We are performing at Dada in Delray Beach on Sunday, April 11th, from 10:30 PM to 1:30. http://www.respectablestreet.com/dada.htm. Yes, it will be a long show. There will be a few breaks but for the most we will be playing slightly different versions of our songs, some of our favorite covers, new tunes, and an acoustic set. It will be a nice treat for those of you who want to get down to the pit of Jerry Cherry's music. Dada is a beautiful place. It's a house built many decades ago turned into really cool hangout place where musicians, artists, hipsters, and anybody who appreciates creativity can come and feel at home.

Thank you all for coming to the shows. We love the reception from everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.



Hi guys. Let me introduce myself.... my name is Star Atmiaz. I am the photographer for Jerry Cherry. I just finished a photo shoot with Jerry and let's just say that I got some hot pictures. They'll be used primarily for promotional purposes for the upcoming Jerry Cherry show at The Surf Cafe, in Boca, Saturday, March 20th, at 9:PM. I wasn't too sure about releasing these pics but Jerry is. Whatever floats his cherries. He says he'll be wearing this at the show... crazy, but sexy. Its kind of like what he wore at the Culture Room but.....OOPS I almost gave it away. This show will be hot. Amp-Fest 2004 features over 20 great bands performing for two nights, March 19th and 20th. Some of my favorite bands will be there including Spork, 5 Skin, 2SDW.

Jerry Cherry will be in da house introducing the new "Turbo Cherry Funnel." This device is something that Ronnie created, and just like Ronnie, it can please 4 people at the same time. Say ahhhhh.

Jerry Cherry is currently recording 4 songs at the band's new home studio called JC Studios. The songs "My Black Guitar," "Just a Song," "Why Does My Heart Hurt," and "Backwards" are crowd favorites and very much anticipated. Look for it to be finished in April.

Well, I cant wait to see you at the show. Who knows, maybe I'll shoot a picture of you in a compromising position. Until next time, good night Cherries.


2-18-04 And now....The moment you've all been waiting for.... Not one, but two videos from The Culture Room show Friday, Febuary 13th. It was so good that in order to get the full effect, you must see two different parts of the show. Make sure to check them both out. Let me warn you, that although it is not rated X, it isn't for the faint of heart. Scroll down to the video section of www.jerrycherry.com, kick back and enjoy.



Why hello, Cherries,
The Culture Room show Friday night was a mind-bending experience. I want to thank all the Cherries who came out to the show. When you go out on stage in a trench coat with nothing underneath but women's leopard panties, you get a feeling of power. Not to mention the feeling of nylon creeping up your butt. Our 35 minute set had the Culture Room crowd with their jaws on the ground and their minds wondering what was going to happen next. For most of the set my trench coat would open slightly so that the people could barely see what was going on underneath. By the last song, the heat made it impossible to keep the coat on. I performed our last song "Date Rape" in nothing but my little leopard panties. While playing my soul-screeching solos, I would roll around on the ground making love to the stage. Troy from Aggitated Pearl,
who also performed that night, said "I love your pants." I said "What pants?" He said "Exactly." Doobie from the Mary Tyler Whores, who by the way owes me a Whores shirt, said that I was like Iggy Pop on Zanex. Even caught the piercing eyes of the original Mr. Cherry, Josh Todd of Buck Cherry, when I was lying on my merch table in my panties attracting attention at the same time he and his band were selling merch after their show. People will not soon forget that Friday the 13th. Jerry Cherry - a true rock and roll band... busting out...& I mean busting out. Those panties were small. Check out www.jerrycherry.com. In a few days there will be video footage and pictures from that incredible "Night of Cherries."

Our next show is Amp Fest 04 at The Surf Cafe in Boca on Saturday, March 20th, at 9:10pm. Two stages, 12 hours of South Florida's finest. Be there... in your underwear.




Hello my little Cherries.
Jerry here, saying thank you to everybody who came to Club M on Friday. It was the most fun we've had in a while. We did three encores. The first encore was a song called "Love Signs" which you can hear at www.jerrycherry.com. Halfway through the song, I noticed the face of singer/guitarist Blackie Wayne from B.W.I. The look on his face said, "What the hell are they playing? Who are they, Mudvayne or John Denver?" That was the end of that song. We then went into "Corporation Man," another song you can hear on the website. That's when all hell broke loose. While I was on the drum riser, my guitar's tuning peg got tangled with this crazy plant sitting on a shelf next to the riser. As I yanked my guitar while jumping off the riser, the whole planter came down with me. The dust and dirt from the planter smashing down on the drum monitor was intense. Pieces of pottery, stems, leaves and soil, crashed though the air in a fury of unstoppable force. That led to the last encore titled, "Plant Killer." Use your imagination. Anyhoo...The night was good. No one got hurt . . . except the plant.

If you haven't seen Jerry Cherry before, get ready. This next show at The Culture Room on Fri, 2-13, at 9:50, will push Jerry Cherry into a whole new realm. You've never seen anything like what's about to take place. Well, you might have seen it once in 1980 if you're old enough or watch VH1. My mind is almost gone. Please help me lose it completely.

See you soon,


Hello. I would like to announce that you can now order cool Jerry Cherry band merchandise at www.jerrycherry.com. My name is Phil Mipokits. I am the merchandise coordinator for Jerry Cherry. It's my sole mission and responsibility that everyone owns a Jerry Cherry shirt, CD, etc. If you don't look good, we don't look good. Don't get stuck with sour grapes. Order directly from the Cherry Store while they're ripe.

You can check out Jerry Cherry in Hollyweird at Club M, Friday, 2-6, at Midnight. And please don't forget to mark your calendars for Friday, 2-13, at 9:50, at The Culture Room for a special "Night of Cherries" featuring Jerry Cherry and Buck Cherry.

On behalf of Jerry Cherry, and W.R.M, I want to thank everyone for being a part of the Jerry Cherry experience.

See you at the shows.



Hello Cherries.
Just yesterday we got the call to perform at The Surf Cafe in Boca tonight, Friday night, 1-23rd, at 11:45. Wednesday's Child was scheduled to perform but due to an illness they had to cancel so they threw the ball to Jerry Cherry. Up after Jerry Cherry is a band called The Remnants who rock really hard. They're like The Pretenders, Zep, Dolls. Very excited to play with them. Tonight we'll bring back a bit of the past. Our former bassist DT will be laying down the low end for tonight's show as well as for the Buck Cherry show on February 13th at The Culture Room. Don't worry, Vewiser is still alive and kicking. V will be doing the Club M show on February 6th, and then will be back with us in March on a regular basis as the regular bassist. Wow, I cant get Paul Weller's 'Days of Speed' CD out of my player. So good. Anyhoo...See you tonight.



Dear Cherry babies,
Jerry here, telling you it's time once again to put on your makeup and meet us at the place you like to go. That place is The Surf Cafe in Boca, Saturday, January 10th, at 12:30. This show is also my birthday celebration, which isn't till the 28th but why wait to party? That's right, I'm a little bit older and a lot more bolder than I used to be. We share the stage with The Tommy Dalton Band, and Aggitated Pearl. Come early . . . just come, cherry babies.

We have some other shows coming up in February: Hollywood gets Cherry bombed at Club M, Friday, February 6th, time T.B.A. Then on Friday the 13th, The Culture room presents "A Night of Cherries." Jerry Cherry warms up the stage for Buck Cherry. That's right, Buck Cherry, my long lost brother. The Culture Room is a big show for us because they finally let us in there after begging for 6 months. Wait, Jerry Cherry begs no one. Well, maybe a few times. Like that girl from the concert, or that time at the circus. Enough about that. Scroll down to the video section. There is a concert clip of us doing the Zombie from "The End of Your Crack Party" from last month. Well, this concludes our broadcast for this evening. Until next time . . . Cheerio
. . .



This is Walter Rego. You remember me - Jerry Cherry's Manager. There are two new songs on the site and I gotta tell you, these songs came out great. The remake of the Jim Croce classic "Time in a Bottle" and the pretty sappy love song "You" both make me tingly all over. You know... these kids in Jerry Cherry are something else. I'm listening to the cd now. It rocks so hard. Their song "You" has tears running down my face. Oh...that's the onions. I also love to cook. Listen...I've got to go. Check out the tunes. Check out the band Saturday, January 10th, 12:30 at The Surf Cafe in Boca. Untill next time, this is Uncle Walt wishing you Happy Holidays.

Respectfully yours,



It was pretty damn cool that everyone came out.
It was pretty damn cool there is no doubt.
It was pretty damn cool because the show was so phatt.
It was pretty damn cool I love you, you know that.
It was pretty damn cool we caught that psycho from Iraq.
It was pretty damn cool to see the Muppets on Crack.
Looky looky here. Listen up. Check this out. Yo. I got something to say. The Broadway show was really really cool Friday night. The highlight of the show was when we performed The Muppets' classic "Do the Zombie." Usually when the Muppets perform that song, I do the Zombie dance and look like a complete lunatic freak. Friday night the tables were turned. We ended our set performing the hit Muppets tune. The Muppets got to see and hear their song performed right in front of them. They were doing that crazy dance beautifully. I was so proud of them. Especially when bad-ass singer/bassist Robie jumped up on stage like a lunatic. It was a great night. Our next show is at The Surf Cafe on Saturday, January 10th at 12:30. We will be performing with Tommy Dalton and Aggitated Pearl. Shanyn, former drummer from The Muppets on Crack is now drumming for Aggitated Pearl. Life goes on. Tommy Dalton is a really good band with great songs and we look forward to this show. Video footage from the last show will be up in a few days. Good luck. Enjoy your life. You only have one . . . I think.



Attention Cherries: We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special message from Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penellas. Jerry Cherry invades Miami. Not since Crockett and Tubbs departed from Miami Vice has Miami had such electrifying hometown figures. Jerry Cherry will be performing at Broadway in Aventura on Friday, December 12th, at 11:PM. This will be a very special night. In case you didn't know, one of South Florida's favorite bands, The Muppets on Crack are breaking up. J.C. decided to throw a party for the Muppets, "The End of Your Crack Party." We hope that Ernie, Bert, and all of the rest of the clan show up to give them a bigtime sign-off party Jerry-Cherry-style. We'll be doing the Zombie all night long! Wait! Don't go and pawn your VCRs just yet. There's more... Jerry Cherry will be performing in South Beach at 623 Live on Saturday, December 20th at 1 AM. You think that's late but remember, it's South Beach. On another note: www.jerrycherry.com will be having an overhaul. That means the pictures, videos, mp3s, and whatever else on there that you like should be saved. We're making room for some cool new stuff to blow at you. O.K. I have to sign off now. I have work to do. Running a city is fun when you're listening to Jerry Cherry. Yah baby yah.
Yours truly,
Alex Penellas


Why Hello Cherries. I'm happy to announce that do to popular demand, there has been a second night added at The Surf Cafe. Saturday, 11-29, at 11:30pm. Jerry Cherry will be performing at The Surf Cafe 2 nights. Friday, 11-28, at 12:30, and Saturday, 11-29, at 11:30. Was there to many coma's in that sentence? Come one night, come two nights, just come. Friday we'll be playing with Curse Icon and Spork. Saturday we'll be playing with 6010. So when your done eating your left over turkey sandwiches, come spend the weekend with jerry cherry and friends. Oh, just want to say happy birthday to one of our stunt women Rodzandra. A true Sagittarius. This message has been brought to you by jerry cherry. Just one taste and you'll be hooked. And by jerry cherry fruit gum. Keep chewing, the flavor last forever.



Hello peeps. Jerry here wanting to thank everybody for coming to The Factory show on November 14th. We also want to thank the people who tried to come but couldn’t find the place. It was an amazing show. The d.j. spun The Who’s Overture from their album Tommy right before we went on. It put The Factory in a mood not seen very often and would’ve made Pete Townsend and the boys feel quite at home. The show went great. Only one person told me after the show that I couldn’t sing. That opinion is shrinking dramatically. What a difference between the June Factory show and the Nov. 14th show. “Jerry Cherry has evolved from regular-guy rock dudes to emo-glam-punk rockers with sophisticated mainstream modern rock sensibility.” Sun Sentinal. Its all good. Now for our next show: We will be performing at The Surf Cafe in Boca on Friday, November 28th at 12:30. The Surf has become our home-sweet-home. We love it there. I think Prince said it best when he said “if you're in a band playing in clubs, find a place and call it home.” Good point. He also wore womens' panties. We agree with Prince. Oh, Spork will be playing with us that night as well. Just like always, the whole family will be there. Have a happy gobble-gobble day. See you at the show.


Hello cherry lovers. Jerry here giving you an early heads-up for our next show at The Factory in Ft. Lauderdale on Friday 11-14, at 9:45pm. We’re really excited about this show because we’ll have cd’s and T-shirts available. We finished recording our version of the Jim Croce classic “Time in a Bottle,” along with another live favorite, “You”. We also have two different kinds of shirts available, & both of them are funny and sure to please. If you're tall, short, fat, or skinny, There’s something for you. Cool merch for the whole family. We haven’t performed at The Factory since June 21st of this year. Many incredible things have happened since then in the Jerry Cherry universe. Jerry Cherry has broadened his horizons, taken on a more international flavor, tasted the fruit of the old continent.... I am
reminded of Shakespeare:

"I have given suck, and know
How tender 'tis to love the babe that milks me:
I would, while it was smiling in my face,
Have pluck'd my nipple from his boneless gums,
And dash'd the brains out, had I so sworn as you
Have done to this."

Ahh, that ambitious wife of the tragic Danish prince....

We have been playing all these other places like The Surf Cafe, Broadway, and Churchill’s for a while now. Lets bring the party to The Factory. Our boys M.O.C.(Muppets on Crack) will be there as well. We’ll be doing the Zombie, that’s for sure. We are also performing at The Surf on Fri, 11-28, at 12:30. That show was originally on the 29th but was moved back a day. Look out for some website updates this weekend. www.jerrycherry.com. There will be pictures and video footage from the last 3 shows that were amazing to say the least. Please call and request Jerry Cherry at WNSU Power X radio at 954-262-8460, and Zeta goes local: 1-866-949-rock. Remember, Jerry Cherry loves you. All of you. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Hello Cherries.
The show at The Surf was amazing. It started off with me almost breaking my left hand on the ceiling fan which is about 12’ off the ground. The Muppets on Crack were playing my favorite tune of theirs “Do the Zombie” when this almost tragic event took place. Spork was great as usual. I don’t think they stopped drinking since the Radiohead show last week were we did an acoustic gig on the hood of my car in the parking lot. We played all the Radiohead songs the band didn’t play that night. Back to the Surf. When it was time for us to play I had know idea that this show would be the one to compare every show in the future to. Everything that could go right did. Not to say that every show until that point wasn’t good, it’s just that this one was mind altering. Someone from the audience asked me if bassist Veweiser was the Devil and if the hat he was wearing was keeping his horns down. Quite possible. Ronnie’s drumming was fiery and intense pounding out beats
tune after tune keeping the jerry Cherry rock car racing down the track. For me it was just one of those performances that you dream about hoping for it to come true and it does. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad everyone was there to enjoy it. Our next show is at The Surf Cafe on Saturday, October 25th, at 7:30pm. We’re also returning to Ft. Lauderdale to play The Factory on Friday, November 14th, at 9:45pm. The Factory show will be big because we will finally have cd’s and shirts. Be the first kid on your block to sport a jerry cherry shirt. Well, That’s all folks. Until next time. Gooooood night from Cherry Tree Road.

10-2-03 Greetings fellow cherries. The Jerry Cherry show on the 27th at The Surf was the most fun I've had in a while. I'm sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is Walter Rego. I'm Jerry Cherry's personal manager. I help make all the tough decisions for the band. I was asked to write this letter to you because the band is very busy working to finish their album. Although they would like to thank you personally, they trust me with all matters that concern the band and their public persona. Let me just say that when J.C. took the stage that night I was blown away. You have to realize I've known these guys a long time. I always knew they were talented, but they just never cease to amaze me. I mean, even though Jerry didn't sport his designer suit and because of that might have left a few people disappointed, he did wear a black and white hat keeping in the true Jerry Cherry style. To see people in the audience singing along with all the songs and seeing how far the band has come in such a short time makes me so proud to be part of the Jerry Cherry family. The show was really great, but as in all rock and roll concerts, the real fun began after the show. Deepset put on a kick ass show. Spork, let me just say that besides J.C, Spork is my favorite South Florida band. They rock. Look people, I'm not here trying to blow smoke up anybody's skirt or anything. I just wanted to say that life is like a bowl of Jerry Cherries. Come hang out with me, Walt, at the next J.C. show on Friday 10-10-03 at 12:30 at The Surf Cafe. I promise you that with The Muppets on Crack and Spork also playing that night, It will be a night of cherry popping goodness.

Hello kids. It's cherry season again and Jerry Cherry is about to perform at The Surf Cafe in Boca on Saturday 9-27-03 at 10:30pm. When it comes to taste and appearance, you can't beat Jerry Cherry. 'Oh God' is right. Even the Pope loves the luscious red color and tangy taste of Jerry Cherry. In fact, let's hear what the Pope said about Jerry Cherry: "Jerry Cherry is the reason I'm still wearing this robe." Wow, you heard it here first. Now for something completely different... Jerry Cherry is currently recording their second album, called Adventureland. Why that title? Why not? We're recording it at the beautiful brand new Red Room Studios. Tune into 88.5 Power X on Friday 9-26-03 between 7:30 and 8:30 for the Jenocyde show to hear the new Jerry Cherry song and the band in the studio plugging it. Our part of the show will only be about 10 minutes, so don't miss it. We're also in the process of making shirts so everyone can spread the seeds and make Jerry Cherry a household name. Scroll down to the video section and check out some new pics and video footage from our last couple of shows at The Surf and Churchill's. The Surf show was really crazy. J.C, Spork, and The Muppets on Crack left it all on the stage. The Churchill's show was also crazy. Laramie Dean was fantastic. His surf-style guitar playing was flawless and inspiring. Let's make this show on the 27th a night to remember. Like my old friend Kev used to say, "Stephanie Seymour forever."
Hello Cherries,
Jerry here, announcing that everything is great at Camp Jerry Cherry. We are ready to tear the playhouse down at The Surf Cafe in Boca this Saturday night, August 30th, at 10:30pm. There are two other bands playing with us that night: Spork and Muppets on Crack. It's sure to be a night of mayhem and madness. Those of you who saw our last show at Broadway heard us perform our new cover song, a cool remake if I do say so myself, but everyone else will have to come out to find out what it is. Everyone will be able to hear the recorded version soon, however, as we are finishing up our 2nd CD, currently titled "Adventure Land." On another interesting note, you can see the shoes of many interesting people (including myself) at www.rawkshoes.com. You'll get a kick out of it. Check out www.jerrycherry.com for cherrylicious merchandise, coming soon. You'll be able to order our new CD, shirts, and plenty more cool stuff in different shapes and fruity colors. This is Jerry Cherry saying, "that's all for now," and signing off from Cherry Tree Road.
Thank you and good night.
Broadway in Miami.... What can I say? We might as well have been on 44th and Broadway in New York City. It was like Phantom of the Opera meets The Magical Mystery Tour. It started out with Trash calling Jerry Cherry on to the stage to end his set with a cover of "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction. Trash & Jerry Cherry lit up the stage with an electrifying performance. Jerry Cherry then exploded right into their set, and once again ventured further into Vamp-ville, with extended jammed out versions of many crowd favorite songs. Just how far can Jerry Cherry stretch the band's imagination to get to the core of the emotion of their songs? Inquiring minds want to know. In the process Jerry felt the rockin' vibe of the room and decided to forego the softer acoustic song "You" for a change, instead making the night as thunderous as his black guitar could growl. The audience loved singing "Malerie." Jerry actually had the right side of the club competing with the left side to see who could scream the loudest. But the pinnacle of the show was when Vewiser ended the set on a surprising note with an amazing rendition of La Grange by ZZ Top. From Spork opening the show with their mind bending tunes, to Trash trashing everything, and Jerry Cherry putting the babies to bed, the night at Broadway was a slam-dunk. Watching the show tape later, the band found it hard to believe all the wildness that had just played out on the Broadway stage. Check soon here in the Video section for some of that amazing footage.
Start spreading the news.
Jerry Cherry
Wow. What a concert. Jerry Cherry Flyers were handed out by the hundreds. Although we got there late, we still got to see Audioslave and Jane's Addiction. Our cherry flyers looked so good sticking to the hot sticky skin of many of the honey babies helping us promote.
There were many interesting people there. Many didn't wear shirts, even a lot of women. These girls' airbrushed chests spawned ideas of a new wave of cherry chests. It was a very muddy night and people slid down the hill in waves, making a night for themselves they will never forget, long after they've washed the mud out of their shorts.
We met a lot of cool, beautiful people at the show. We hope they will all become Cherry fans and continue spreading the love at Broadway Thursday night at midnight.
I love you all.
The show at Surf Cafe rocked. Improv was the order of the day, as Jerry Cherry veered off the safe and cozy path into mind bending experimental realms of soul-reaching rock. Jerry's blistering solos and gut-wrenching vocals left the Surf crowd mesmerized. Those in attendance won't soon forget the passion Jerry Cherry left on that stage... literally (Jerry himself writhed on the floor with his guitar screaming, Vewiser thrashed his bass with his tongue, and Ronnie nearly destroyed his mega-dollar cherry cannons). Jerry doesn't actually condone violence at his shows, but for some reason, a melee of epic proportion broke out all over the Surf Cafe. The fight sprawled to the outside, where not only men, but HOT women were clashing like Titans. Jerry Cherry watched in amusement, while fantasizing about fighting these women himself. But he's a lover, not a fighter.
Well Hello Cherries,
During the past month or so, Jerry Cherry has taken a hard turn in a different direction. We found that the dirt road that we're on now is rocky but we're discovering new territories. We're very happy with the scenery. There are so many people helping us out giving us ideas and supporting us. We just want to say to them -thank you and we are eternally grateful for everything. Come see what all the excitement is about Thursday night at Broadway in Aventura on 8-7-03 at midnight. Thank you and good night. ---Jerry


Rehearsals are going very well. New tunes are feeling the influence of the new dynamic with Vewiser. Ronnie and Vewiser are the most solid rhythm section on the freakin' planet. This band concept is really coming together. We're not only playing really heavy songs, but we're starting to blend in some acoustic songs that show the softer side of Jerry Cherry.


Badass bass player, from Beaumont, Texas, Vewiser Taylor, joins the band, and a new era begins. As a matter of fact, our old band name of 'Head', just isn't cutting it any more. There are so many bands out there . . . Head-this . . . Hed-that, etc. etc., it seems the world can do without another 'Head'. Something is stirring, and it ain't witches brew.... It's sweet, and round, and harmonious like the music of the spheres... it's..... JERRY CHERRY. As of now, this band is officially named JERRY CHERRY. (cue the applause)

Past Show Flyers


Surf Cafe, August 1st, 2003

JERRY CHERRY, live in concert at The Culture Room, in Ft. Lauderdale, Friday, February 13th, at 9:50.
( large printable flyer )