Hello Cherries,CD Release

Many musicians from around the world have been doing live streams from their homes, and I’ll finally be doing one too. I’ll be LIVE on Facebook this Thursday, April 16th at 7pm. I'd love for you to join me.

I hope that you're doing great. I know that this sucks to say the least. The Coronavirus has kept us all in the house and unable to live like we want. Most importantly I hope that everyone and their family is healthy, and not struggling in this difficult time.

Just so you know, my broadcast will stream from my Facebook Band Page. I’ll try and share it immediately with my Profile page as well. Just to be safe, I suggest and would appreciate it if you liked my Band page so that you have no issues joining me. This is my first time doing this so there will probably be a learning curve. I look forward to performing all 9 songs from my new Album “Married To Myself," all on acoustic guitar. Just an intimate evening of music between me and you (all).

One of my songs “Miracle” that I’ll be performing has been getting radio airplay across the country and is now #22 on the New Music Weekly Top 40 Music Chart. I am eternally grateful for that happening. It’s been going up and up for weeks and I’ve received nothing but great words and good vibes from everyone about the song. Thank you. Lets keep it going.

As you know, many industries have been hit hard during this virus. The music industry as far as live performances in venues has completely stopped. The same thing can be said for the event industry of which I am also a part. If you can contribute anything during my performance it would be appreciated. I understand that it’s hard for all of us now so I’m not expecting anything but a good time performing some music. I’ll post a link to my PayPal account during my performance. Thank you.

My new Album “Married To Myself” has been doing good. I’m selling physical cd’s direct from my website as well as downloads and streams from all digital platforms. Pick up a copy if you can. I would love to sign it for you. While you're at my website please check out my first album “Life Is Sweeter…” as well.

Are you following me on Social Media? I am on just about every platform available. Get the latest news immediately. I just made a video titled “Releasing Music and Collecting Royalties.” You can see it on Youtube, read it on my Blog, and hear it on my Podcast. Check that out to get my take on what’s necessary to release music and to set up the proper pipeline to get paid for it. Whether you're a musician releasing music and need a clear layout on how to do it, or if you just want to learn something about the business, please check it out.

That's all for now. Please be safe and well during these unbelievable times. It seems as though we’re all on the same page as humans, and we all want to do the right thing to get back to the lives we love. Keep up the good work.

Love, Jerry